Link is a playable veteran in Super Smash Bros. Over. He plays nearly indentically to previous installments.

On-Screen Appearence

A small whirlwind appears on the field, and Link comes out of it. He then equips his weapons.

Special Moves

Move Name Move Type Description
Hero's Bow Neutral Link shoots an arrow out of his bow. This can be charged for more speed.
Gale Boomerang Side Link throws a boomerang tornado, which curves back to him.
Spin Attack Up Link spins his sword around him, propelling him through the air. This can be used on the ground as well.
Bomb Down Link takes a bomb out and can throw it at others. If he holds it for too long, it will damage Link himself.
Triforce Slash Final Smash Link slashes in front of him in an attempt to trap his opponents. If he succeeds, he repeatedly slashes them and finishes them with a final slash, launching the person a far distance.


  • Swings the Master Sword twice before sething it.
  • Link tosses his sword in the air and catches it.
  • Link goes into a crane stance.

Idle Poses

  • Link takes a battle ready stance.
  • Link looks behind himself.

Victory Poses

  • Link slashes his sword around and let's out a yell.
  • Link swings the Master Sword around 3 times and looks to his right.
  • Swipes the Master Sword and sheathes it.

Alternate Costumes

  • A red colored Link
  • A blue colored Link
  • A purple colored Link
  • A gold colored Link
  • A dark Link
  • A costume similar to the Diety Mask
  • A polka dotted Link