120px-SSB4 - Link Artwork

Link's artwork in SSBE.

Link is a starter character in Super Smash Bros. Endgame. He is the main protagonist of his own series, where he saves Hyrule from the evil Ganondorf and other evil forces.


Link is a Hyrulian with a sword and a shield.

On-Screen Appearance(s)

  • Link appears from a tornado.


Attack 1 - Link slashes the opponent with his sword.

Attack 2 - Link slashes the opponent again.

Attack 3 - Link stabs the opponent with his sword.

Side Attack - Link stabs the opponent horizontally.

Down Attack - Link thrusts his sword downwards to hit the opponent. Also can be used in the air.

Up Attack - Link pulls his sword upward to poke the opponent. Also can be used in the air.

Aerial Attack - Link slashes the opponent in the air.

Pummel - Link knees the opponent.

Grab 1 - Link whipslams the opponent with his chain.

Grab 2 - Link launches the opponent with his chain.

Grab 3 - Link brings the opponent to the ground and stomps on their face or slams their face to the ground.

Neutral Special: Bow and Arrow - Link places his arrow in his bow and charges it. When you release the special button, the bow fires at a certain distance, depending on how long it was charged.

Neutral Special Customized #1: Fire Arrow - Link places his Fire Arrow in his bow instead of the regular one. If it hits an opponent, they will have the Burn status effect.

Neutral Special Customized #2: Piercing Arrow - Link fires an arrow that goes through any opponent.


  • Link pulls out his Fairy and it spins around him once and returns to Link's pocket. Link watches the Fairy spin around him.

Victory Pose(s)


Victory Theme(s)


Alternate Costume(s)

  1. Red Link's palette.
  2. Yellow Link's palette.
  3. Blue Link's palette.
  4. Purple Link's palette.
  5. Lonk.
  6. Orange Link's palette.




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