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Link (Next Gen)
Full Name Link
Current Age 16
Gender Male
Location Hyrule City
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
The Emerald Knights
Family and Relations
Main Weapon(s) Sword, laser-crossbow
Latest Appearance LoZ: The Next Generation
Link is a boy of 16 who lives in Hyrule City in LoZ: The Next Generation. After his grandmother is killed by a group of street thugs, he falls in with a group of resistance fighters called the Emerald Knights.


Unlike previous Link, he can talk without any problems, and does so often. He has a love for his motorcycle, Epona, and works a part time job as a mechanic, which he loves doing. He is also rather short-tempered, letting his actions get ahead of him.


Link looks like the Link from Twilight Princess, but he wears a green leather jacket with a plain white shirt underneath, khaki pants, and knee high motorcycle boots. Around his hair he wears a green bandana.

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