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The Last Link is a fan-fiction made by Peach. It is the first fan-fiction in The Last Legend trilogy. It is a Legend of Zelda fan-fiction.


A man was scuba-diving somewhere off the Pacific Ocean. This happened quite frequently in history, but this is where the story begins. He was looking for certain artefacts, or endangered fish. He reached the sea floor, when it somehow vanished.

Underneath was a white marble platform, suspended in the air. "Is this an ancient civilisation?" the diver thought, and swam deeper.
The platform was completely empty, except for a stone statue in the middle. He swam closer.

The statue was of a large man, too large to seem real. He looked strange, and foreign, and there was a sword sticking out of his head. "This is great evidence!" thought the man, and pulled out the sword.

At once, light filled his eyes. The sword fell from his hands. The next thing people knew, he was floating on top of the water, dead.

Chapter 1

Quite near the strange incident, a couple were eating breakfast, watching the news article about the incident. "The man seems unharmed, and the oxygen tank was almost full. This seems to be one of the greatest mysteries in the 21st Century." said the news reader.

A boy bolted into the room. He looked around 13, with wavy blonde hair and light blue eyes. "David, where are you going?" said the woman.
"The beach, mum." said the boy. "Do you have my sandwitch?"
"You're going alone?" said the mother. "But you're too young?"
"I'm 13, mum."
"Only just! What if you get hurt!"
"Well," said the boy David. "If I get hurt, it's my fault."
He took a plastic bag from the table and ran out of the house.

"Sometimes I worry about David." thought the mother as she watched him run out. "Him and his little video games, it doesn't seem like he has friends!"
She looked and saw a case on the kitchen table. She picked it up, taking it back to David's room. The title said: The Legend of Zelda.

Chapter 2

The beach was quiet that day, as a small chill made it bad weather. However, David liked being alone. He put on his bathers and was about to get to the ocean waves when something cut his foot. He pulled it out.

It was a sword, with a blue hilt and a yellow gem. It seemed strangely familliar...suddenly, David realised what it was and fell down from the shock.

He stared at the sword in his hands. Surely, it couldn't be the Master Sword. Even though he liked the Zelda games, he never thought that it could be real. "This must of been washed up." he thought to himself. "But if this really is the Master Sword, that means Ganondorf would of been free."

Confused as he was, he knew the only thing he could do was take it home. He put on his clothes, hid the sword under his jacket and ran back home.

Chapter 3

David sat at the TV, trying the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the fifth time. "Come on. Z-target!" he muttered to himself.
"Time for bed, David!" said his mother.
"But, mum, I've always finished!" he retorted.
"I don't care! You need sleep for school tomorrow."
"Fine." he said defeated.
He went up to his room. As soon as his mother was out of sight, he drew out the Master Sword. "It can't be real, can it?" he said to himself.
There was suddenly a flash of light. An old man looked at him. "Come with me." he said.
Scared, David took his hand as they disappeared to unknown.

Chapter 4

David found himself in a dark room. It looked like an large library. The old man was looking at him saying "Are you awake?"
He was quite tall, with white hair around the back of his head only. His moustache dropped down to his neck, while his beard was clean. He was wearing red garments. David thought this man looked like Rauru from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. "Good, you're awake!" said the old man. "I thought you might of fainted, it was a big fall."
"Who...are you?" said David.
"Do you have an idea?" said the old man.
"Not re....yeah." said David. "Has this got to do with The Legend of Zelda?"
"I am Reiru." said the old man. "And this has EVERYTHING to do with Zelda."
And together, they walked down the dark halls of the library.

Chapter 5

Head spinning, David walked around the library. It seemed not a library at all, but a large place with different books and artefacts, like a museum. "Erm..." said David. "Where are we?"
"This," said Reiru, "Is my hall of records. I have been far to get all of this."
"I'm sorry, but I don't understand." said David.
Reiru sighed. "A lot has happened in Hyrule. I am not sure, it happened before my time, but when I was born, and still today, Hyrule has been...frozen in time."
"Like in Wind Wa..." said David, but faded off.
"A bit like at that time." said Reiru. "Of course, the reason you're here, is that Ganondorf escaped." "-again." added David.
"It's a bit different this time. Someone from your world freed him. He somehow got into your world."
"That diver!" exclaimed David.
"Oh, you heard about it?"
"Yeah, but what has this got to do with me?"
"I don't know how to explain it. You seem to be the next hero."
"What, the new Link?"
Reiru sighed. "Yes, it appears so. Although I don't understand."
"Why me?"
Reiru pulled out a package. "I'll show you. We'll go to Hyrule."

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