He is the captain of the steamboat, the S.S. Linebeck, which Link uses to travel the Great Sea for the full course of the game.[1] Linebeck travels the world seeking treasure, which seems to be his driving force in everything he does, including accompanying Link.[2] People on the islands he visited seem to have a respect or admiration for him, calling him brave and wishing to travel the seas like him.[3] However, Link and Ciela, while journeying, see a different side of him, different from the persona he puts up as a brave adventurer (at one point he claims to go through two dungeons a day before breakfast, though nobody seems to believe him).[4] Instead Linebeck shows himself to be for the most part a coward, running away from trouble and staying with his boat instead of going into the dungeons with Link.[5]

Heart 100%
Might -0.25
Protection +0.5
Speed +1
Magik +0.25
distance -0.75


Type mouverest Nom mouverest
Classic-Attaque: Spotting
Special Attack-normale tentacle draining
Special Attack-Side Spotting
Special Attack-Haut pete jaw
Attaque spéciale-Bas taking the ninja
Attaques à distance Spirit boul
Attaques défensives Demon Shield
Smash-finale Bellumbeck

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