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Limbo is an advanced computer system that first was released in 1997 FM as Limbo 0.1 or Digicide.  A full release simply called Limbo/Limbo 1.0 was released in 2007 FM. The current version Limbo 2.0 was released in 0 SM.

Limbo originally was advanced due to it's ability to render 3D objects in real time (using Renderdude3) and was able to transfer users inside the system. However, it was very costly and only there were only a few users. As well as that, it was subject to viruses caused by a glitch in one of the programs.

Later in 2007, Limbo was released with an even better rendering system and even better virus protection, if viruses somehow managed to get into the system. It also had a new way of transferring users using satellites. However, users not known to the system were classified as viruses, but could not be destroyed due to the fact they were human. It was still very costly, but sold better than Limbo 0.1.

In 0 SM, Limbo 2.0 was released and dropped the fact it could be used as a regular computer. It also released it's virus protection, however the virus protection program can still be found deep in the files. It also had even better rendering than Limbo and had new dream-like environments.

While in Limbo, users can go in and come out in different locations. In Limbo 0.1, this was other Limbos. In later versions, it was anywhere with a satellite dish/under a satellite.

Dealth used to own a Limbo operating system.

Default Programs in Limbo 0.1

  • Game Emulator (Required to play games)
  • TechCube (Virus protection)
  • Renderdude3 (3D object render/program)
  • Control Prompt
  • Enternet
  • Alchemnet
  • Maginet
  • Master Prompt (the program with the virus bug)

Default Programs in Limbo 1.0

  • Game Emulator (no longer required to play games)
  • TechCube
  • Renderdude7
  • Control Prompt
  • Enternet 6
  • Ethernet
  • Master Prompt
  • Satellitime

Default Programs in Limbo 2.0

  • TechCube (only deep within the program files)
  • Renderdude7
  • Control Prompt
  • Enternet 9
  • Alchemy.2
  • Ethernet 6
  • Master Prompt
  • Satellitime2.0

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