That's why I'm stuck here in Limbo!
Nightshroud, Super Princess Peach: Fusion

Nightshroud's Hideout

Here's LIMBO!

Limbo is a small mausoleum. It flies above the Mushroom Kingdom for the second half of "Super Princess Peach: Fusion". Lord Nightshroud makes his home in this flying tomb. It can change colors when someone changes feelings. Green is the regular color. Red is seen when Nightshroud gets angered. Yellow for calm, when it changes blue. Nightshroud feels sorrowful feelings. There is a fireplace. Nightshroud vents his feelings after hiring a new advisor. Nightshroud has an altar for when he summons three wicked minions by means of his reliquary. He calls his everlasting forces from the underworld. Later, Limbo gets transformed completely. From a very small mausoleum, to a towering palace. (The Palace of the Dark Rites)

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