Full Name Lilmouths
Gender All Male
Species Mutant Angler Fish
Location Black Water Stream
Current Status Active
Class Enemy Minions
Bigmouth's Minions (Formerly, now live for themselves)
Main Weapon(s) Teeth
Ability/ies Chomping
First Appearance Skip and Sqak Returns! (2011)
Latest Appearance Skip and Sqak Back In Action (2012)
The Lilmouths are enemy minions that appeared in both Skip and Sqak Returns and Back in Action. They are small, mutated angler fish who worked for Bigmouth and caused havoc in Black Water Stream. Unlike their boss, they are more hyper and more jaw snapping. In Rangers, the Lilmouths are replaced by Ranhaz.


These little anglers are much worse than Bigmouth himself, swimming rapid in the water wanting to chomp off your limbs.
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