Lilith in Souls Can Dream
Full Name Lilith Archer
Current Age 12
Date of Birth July 12, 2999
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
Matthew (brother)
Ability/ies Healing, Using other kind of magic.
Sis (by Matthew)
First Appearance Dreaming Souls
Lilith (リリス Ririsu) is a 12 year old girl and one of the chosen kids to save Earth during the events of Dreaming Souls. She is one of the playable and main characters in said game.


Lilith lived along with her brother Matthew and her parents during the Last Nuclear War in a futuristic Earth. During this, Earth slowly starts becoming a lifeless planet due to the terrible acts mankind has caused in it. After the death of Lilith's parents due to an assault on their home, both Lilith and Matthew suddenly get encased in a shield of light that kills the attackers. Confused, both go outside, attracted by a distant pillar of light. Time suddenly stops, but they are still able to move. A mysterious woman in a white robe introduces herself as Irelia, and tells them they have been chosen to save Earth. Giving them the ability of using real magic and travel through the souls' dreams and nightmares, Irelia guides Lilith and Matthew to the pillar of light in hopes of fulfilling the souls' wishes of saving Earth from its demise.

General Information


Lilith is a determined and kind girl. She often is timid but can get to her outgoing side if she's around trustworthy people. Lilith is recognized for her caring and loving nature, for which she is chosen as one of the representations of Love.


Lilith has the ability to heal her friends by slightly sacrificing her health. She is able to recover the lost health over a determined amount of time. Healing is her main ability, but like the other chosen kids, she is able to use other standard magical abilities such as double jumping, shooting magic projectiles, etc.


Lilith is a young, tall 12 year old with beige hair, green eyes and pale skin. She wears a short yellow dress with a small ribbon on top and white shoes.



Lilith cares a lot for her older brother Matthew. She loves him deeply and often worries a lot about him when things get too dangerous during their travels.


Lilith has a crush on William. She likes his cute and shy nature and often likes being by his side and help him, even if he's being too shy. She eventually helps him develop a more outgoing nature.


Lilith and Meredy are best friends. When they were younger they used to play with their dolls and play in the neighborhood gardens. Meredy also helped Lilith a lot with her homeworks. The two have a strong connection.