Lil' Snowball
Lil' Snowball's 3D Appearance
Full Name Lil' Snowball
Gender Male
Ability/ies Widthstanding large amounts of Damage
Vulnerable To Fire
First Appearance Teardrop: Tower Defense
Latest Appearance Teardrop: Tower Defense
Snowball crush tiny, water man under giant feet...
Lil' Snowball when spawned, Teardrop: Tower Defense

Lil' Snowball is an elite Glacie Resistor appearing in Teardrop: Tower Defense as a boss enemy usually appearing by Wave 38. Although Lil' Snowball yields the slowest speed of any enemy in the game, Lil' Snowball counters this with his extremely large health and mass.


Lil' Snowball, like most Glacie Resistors, is large and bulky, though he yields a considerably larger amount of ice on his body and some spiked crystals. Lil' Snowball's head is in the middle of the front side, and is much smaller than the rest of his body.


Lil' Snowball is shown to be very naive and overconfident in the game and is quite unintelligent. He normally replaces "I" with his own name like some stereotyped brutes. He also generally takes no thought in plans and relies on brute force alone for victory and has also developed a grudge against Atlanticans due to how many times he has fought them and lost.