Lil' Guy, Big Shoes.

Lil' Guy, Big Shoes is a game released for 3DS from Derpin' Great! Studios.


The game plays similar to the Mario titles, with a new twist- there is a "Gunk" meter, and the higher it gets, the slower you run and you also jump lower. To restart it, you must find checkpoints known as "Shoe Shines". The point is to get to the end of the level without dying 3 times.


The plot is very loose, but explained in the starting scene- Lil' Guy is being tucked in, and he dreams up the world of Sand-alz, where he wears his father's big boots. He then goes on a quest to reach his prized stuff animal, Derpy the Dry Bones.


World- Theme- Boss

  • World 1- Grasslands- Vance K. Uum
  • World 2- Snowy Town- Sniffles the Snot
  • World 3- Dessert Desert- Stal Kooki
  • World 4- The Fear Castle- The Baby Sitter
  • World 5- Warped Wavy Dreams- The Happy Happy Sun


  • Bigger Shoes!- Makes shoes bigger, but slows down player
  • HUGE Shoes!- Makes shoes take up screen, but moves at slowest speed.
  • Wingy Zingy Shoes- Makes shoes fly, but stops are hard to pull off.



Lil' Guy.

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