This is Lighriim. Derp!
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Bandit
Current Status Healthy
Main Weapon(s) Bombs, Koopa Shells
Ability/ies Steal, Throw Bombs and Koopa Shells
Light Green Bandit
First Appearance Yoshi's Island: Baby Luigi Time!
Ligrhiim is a light green Bandit who was part of Bowser's army before he said that Bowser was a too dumb ruler in front of him on April Fools. Not knowing it was April 1st, Bowser was insulted and exiled the bandit out of his army.

Character Info

Ligrhiim is light green, and unlike other bandits he has no bands on his clothes. He tends to disrespect others a lot, and is micheivous. He tends to be extremely unlucky. There are rumors he never ages, because Kamek once said he tryed to make him stronger 5 times, and all of those were failed(showing how unlucky he is). He always smiles, but according to him it's because he can't change the expression on his mask. He lives in the sewers of the Mushroom Kingdom.

About abilities, he can obviously steal things, but he especially likes stealing Koopa Troopa shells. He can also throw bombs to destroy walls. He usually doesn't attacks others, but if you even dare to TRY stealing his mask, through, be aware that you'll probably have to go to emergency hospital after! Occasionally, he kicks the Koopa shells he stole at others in battles.

Bowser hated him a lot at first, because of an April Fools prank. Later, Ligrhiim was caught trying to steal Bowser Jr's shell by him. There is a rumor he hates him as much as Mario now because of this. Lighriim, in his side, thinks Bowser is dumb and shouldn't be a ruler.


He only appeared in one game, Yoshi's Island:Baby Luigi Time! as of yet. Poisonshot, his creator, plans to add him in more games through.

Yoshi Island: Baby Luigi Time!

Ligrhiim appears whenever a boss battle starts. Kamek tries to enlarge him...but it doesn't get close to working. Instead, he enlarge something else, usually causing Ligrhiim to be kicked away by the boss in one or another way.