Lightning The Weasel: One Little Emerald is a game by Popple Co., All members can edit.


In a small cottage on a small hill, A weasel and her son live up there, overlooking the big city, The small weasel, named Lightning, always dreamed of doing something big, like going beyond the small cottage. One day, he finds a small ball on the ground, he decides to pick it up, and he takes it home.

That night, something wakes him up, the ball opens and Lightning is sucked in, and he is teleported to an ancient village, which was inhabited by a tribe of Leopards, the small town of Leopards was in ruin, A leopard girl named Leanna walks over and explains she is the princess of this small tribe, she also explains how a horrifying beast that is bent on destroying the tiny village was released from it's seal inside a lamp, Leanna takes Lightning for a walk in the Jungle of Safaria,

Leanna explains that the Robrits, a ruthless band of pirates, have been rumored to have released the ancient monster, but as they explore deeper into the rain-forest, they are ambushed by a spunky chameleon child, Leanna says to the chameleon that Lightning is a friend , the chameleon apologizes and introduces himself as Provoko, and he decides to come along. So Leanna asks if they are ready for the quest, Lightning and Provoko reply as if they are ready.

After they rush through Safaria, they find a gang of Robrits exploring the jungle, they all flee except for one, who seems to be the leader, the huge Robrit introduces himself as Robrito, Grantua's second in command. He challenges Lightning to a fight, which he accepts. Using Provoko's Energy Summon, Robrito is defeated and flees with his gang, Lightning moves on, after finding a small shard, Leanna explains it is a piece of the Rainbow Emerald, The only thing that can stop Grantua. They then move on the Hypothemia.

Halfway up the peak of Hypothemia they find Void, who agrees to join their team. As they explore further, they find A robot, which springs to life and begins to attack, using Void to clone Snowbot's missiles, Snowbot explodes and The orange shard is found. As Leanna begins to talk, she is snatched by Robrito's gang. Causing the other three to chase after the gang.



Image Name Description Ability Unlockable by...
Lightning the Weasel Lightning the Weasel A weasel who lives with his mother at a cottage in the mountains, he was sent back in time to protect the leopard tribe. He can control weather to attack enemies. He's already unlocked
Provoko Provoko A chameleon child from the heart of the jungle of Safaria, he is incredibly spunky, and often will pick a fight if he gets the chance. He can summon very high levels of energy to attack enemies. He's already unlocked
VoidLightning Void the Dark Entity A strange being who can take on the form of anybody, he is rumored to be a lab escape from the mountains of Hypothemia. He can turn into an enemy. Find him on Hypothemia Peak.
Freabird Freabird the Eagle A bird inventor from Smalltowna, the rival of Provoko. He can take out his special board and surf above enemies. Find him in Smalltowna Town Hall.

Non Playable

Image Name Description Purpose Playable in Party Mode?
Princess Leanna Princess Leanna The leopard princess. She acts as a guide throughout the game. A guide, damsel in distress. Yes
Grantua Grantua A beast released from a magic lamp by the Robrits. Main villain. No
Mother Magic Mother Magic A shaman from the border of the vilage. Guide for 2nd half of the game. Yes
Chief2 Chief Leanardo The leader of the leopard tribe, and the father of Leanna. NPC. Yes
Robrits Robrits A group of robots who act as Grantua's servants. Enemies Yes



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