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Lightning Studios
Logo currently.
Type of Company Videogame developer and distributor
Founder(s) Lumogo
Founded at/in March 2, 2014 (originally)

March 3, 1990 (fanon date)

Headquarters Osaka, Japan
Area(s) Served Worldwide (except some parts of Arabia)
Owner(s) Lumogo
No. of Employee(s) Lumogo
Parent Company Nintendo and Yolo Games


In 1990, Lightning Studios has been launched, bringing the game series Dark Light and the series are currently going. The last DL game was Darklight: Paradox, for Wii U.


In 2014, fans has requesting for the company a home console, so Lightning has accepted the request, and a console has been made.

Wii Fusion

It was the first console made by Lightning. It stopped being produced and distributed in 2015.


It is the second console made by Lightning. It was produced and distributed and it launched games for the console during 2015 and it was discontinued during 2016.


It's a console that is being developed by Lightning during January 2016. It is planned to be released in March 2016.



Wii U

  • Lone Wolves
  • Darklight: Time Invasion

Wii Fusion


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