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Lightning Bolt
Lightning Bolt - Mario Kart 7
A Lightning Bolt, as seen in Mario Kart 7
Item Type Transformation
First Appearance Super Mario Kart (1992)
Shrinks all racers aside from those invincible and the user.
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The Lightning Bolt (also called Thunder Bolt, Lightning or Shock) is an item in the Mario Kart and Paper Mario series. It first appeared in Super Mario Kart as an item.


Mario & Nintendo All-Stars Racing 2

The Thunderbolt appeared as an item in Mario & Nintendo All-Stars Racing 2. When it's used, it turns all the players in the front of the player that used the lightning tiny, and if a normal-size player crashes into a tiny player, the tiny player will be squashed and the player cannot move for a moment. Lasts for 10 seconds.

Mario Basketball: Mushroom Tourney

The Lightning Bolt (under the name of Lightning) makes an appearance in Mario Basketball: Mushroom Tourney. When used it shrinks all players on the other team for 10 seconds. If a normal player steps on a tiny player, they will get flattened for a second. It is a rare item.


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