The Lightning Blade is a wepon used in the Fantendoverse. It is one of the Element wepon types and uses a bolt of lightning to act as a blade.


The Lightning Blade was invented by the Gods of Fantendo and in the Legendverse aswell. It was constructed by Ogers that lived 1,000 years prior to the main events of Fantendo. The blade then has been re-pourposed as a defense. Over the years the wepon has been used by the Sages of Fantendo and Others.

The Blade

The Lightning Blade is a blade made out of Lightning bolts and of Titanium-Maximum metals that come from Hevan.


When the blade is used, if the enemie is hit, the enemie's fate is determened weather the blade was at 75% power or 100% power. If the blade is low powerd, it will electricute the enemie. If Full powerd, the blade will slice through the foe instantly. The blade can increase power with the pullie on it.


The Lightning Blade cannot slice through Rubber and not work aswell in water.

Colors of the Blade

When the Blade is White, it means that the user is pure hearted. If it is Black, then the user has no purity in there heart. If its Yellow, the being is a warrior.

Users of The Blade

Many characters have used the Lightning blade. It can be brought from an Itergalactic shop.

Characters who use the blade



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