Lighthouse (SSBV Stage)
Universe Shantae
Availability Starter
Competitive Status Not Legal

Lighthouse is a new stage appearing in Super Smash Bros. V. It is based off the location in the Shantae games.


The stage is set on a seaside island. On that island, the lighthouse, Shantae’s home, can be seen. A dock platform can be seen at the end (to the right) connected the main island platform. There’s also a body of water that can be swam in after that. At times mermaid-like creatures hop out of the water to attack fighters on the stage. In the background, a very large body of water can be seen as well as another island. The stage also transitions from day to night. At night, a very large moon can be seen in the background.

'Ω 'Omega Version (Final Destination Version)Edit

The Omega Version of the stage is a dock-like platform floating in midair. In the background, the Main Stage can be seen. The stage transitions from day to night in the omega version as well.

'α 'Alpha Version (Battlefield Version)Edit

The Alpha Version is the omega version with 3 complementary platforms laid out in Battlefield formation.