Before the light there was only void, in the void the dark creatures ruled by the Dark Render. In that time the mortals where weak and has no meaning. When the lightbinders came where the evil shadows defeated and the enemies. Adur faced agianst the three most powerfull where they two of the three where perhished. The light created new creatures and monsters. Adur maked many children before he gone. He was one of the responsible of the creating of the universus.


To become a creature of of light the creature must erase all the dark from his inner body, the light was responsible for the creation of the big bang. Lightbinder Adur was a very powerfull Lightbinder which fought agianst the dark Render. He succeeded in slaying three of the most powerfull Dark Render gots where two of them has been destroyed. Afther the war he imprisoned his enemies, and cured the univurse of the lifeless void. He made more than a hundreth children who become deities too.

Notable Children

Yar (youngest daughter and fairy god)

Ozia (Son, leider of the strenght)

Lilian (Lordess of fire)

Thunderaas (Lord of the storm)

Furienas (Lord of the seas)

Emizar (Most powerfull of Adur children and lord of the flame)

Eduar (Lordess of the cold)

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