This article details the various mythologies in the Light In The Darkness series.


Creation of The Otherealm

In the beginning, there were only Kosmeoth and Nihiloth, timeless and omnipotent beings who represented the Universe and the Void, and the balance between the two. In between these two ancients came the "birth" of the six Primal Incarnates;

  • Sandalphon and Metatron, the Incarnates of Space and Time, and the balance between the two. They also represent The Body.
  • Fosphoros and Mavros, the Incarnates of Life an Death, and the balance between the two. They also represent The Spirit.
  • Symphony and Cacophony, the Incarnates of Order and Chaos, and the balance between the two. They also represent The Mind.

The two Creators and the six Primal Incarnates spent eons populating the Otherealm with all aspects of creation; planets, stars, plants and beasts.

The Fall of Nihiloth

Unknown events caused the once noble Nihiloth to descend into a violent madness, sowing discord among the Otherealm and destroying everything in their path. In an attempt to subdue the enraged Creator, Kosmeoth attacked them. In the fight, Nihiloth's three eyes were damaged, and from the spilled lifeblood came Odium, Luctus and Polemos, representations of Nihiloth's corrupted mind.

Interestingly, the "creation" of these three new Incarnates quelled the Void Incarnate's wrath, and in despair over the carnage they had wrought, hid themselves away, deep within the core of the fledgling planet Tekrast, and fell into hibernation. Meanwhile, Odium, Luctus and Polemos has subsequently disappeared to deeper reaches of the Otherealm...

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