The planet Tekrast is made up of five large, primary continents; Choroya, Agane, Enredor, Luaslai and Kratan. These five continents have different country-esque locations in them, and there are also islands that may or may not be populated.

The planet's oceans primarily consist of two massive seas, known as the Sea of Virtue and the Sea of Valor.

Continent of Agane

Whitestone Mountains

The home of two formerly allied groups known as the Templars of the Aeons and the Templars of the Cosmos, who worship Sandalphon and Metatron respectively.

Continent of Choroya


The home of Rinddel and his friends. The city was founded by Lord Jatagan, the legendary hero who was said to have sealed away the rampaging Nihiloth eons ago.

Scholar's Plains

Named for the primary race that lives there, the wise and knowledgeable Leptiricans.

Continent of Enredor

Shadewood Valley

Vitreus Glade

The ancestral home of the Kerafim, a rare, deer-like race. There is only one known tribe of this race, known as the Tribe of the Morning Sun, and it is led by Alces and Aenthe Dawnpeak.

Continent of Kratan

Aligul Village

A harbor.

Continent of Luaslai

Frostbite Tundra

The home of the Tribe of the Endless Winter, led by Draukkirn Iceclaw.



A wild and untamed island.

Cimmerian Isles

A massive, foreboding island surrounded by a jagged wall of rock, it is said to be the point where Nihiloth, in their self-imposed exile, burrowed into the barely-cooled planet. It currently serves as the primary base of operations for the Aeternum Mali.

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