The Light Dome is a location in Fire & Ice. It serves as the final location in the game as well as the location of the final two bosses, the dome is surrounded by luminescent trees which glow a mild purple in colouration. The paths leading up to the Light Dome were struck by lighning causing them to fuse together forming into smooth marble. The Light Dome's main supports mirror ancient roman columns, they occasionally have electricity flow through them. The main area at the centre called the "Meta-Spark Complex" is a digital mainframe that controls the electricity across all of the regions in Fire & Ice. There is a statue in the centre depicting an ancient warrior however in Darkness' fight this podium is destroyed.

In the folklore of the Light People the Light Dome was supposedly the point of all origin as its bell created the universe according to them, from it Life and Energy were made allowing technology to become usable, the Bell does not obey gravity on the planet and it is explained that the rest of the Light Dome was built around the Bell connecting it to the planet.

During the game Fire investigates ceiling of the building as it leads to the Bell of Light which Fire was able to use to weaken Darkness. The ceiling was originally a maze of small crawl tunnels which had some electrical traps set to ward off intruders, normally the Light People could simply de-activate these traps. Fire also inadvertantly causes major damage to the ceiling as Darkness attempts to catch Fire by piercing the ceiling.

In Fire & Ice 3, when Ice returns to the Light Dome expecting it to be the point of origin, Ice discovers a hidden section beneath the Statue leading to an underground tunnel which ends at the base of Skyway Mountain. Due to the biological trees and electronics around the Light Dome the tunnels have electrified roots running through them.

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