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Light is an original story series by Dk64rules (tbc). It follows a plot-centric episodic seasonal format, similar to most anime and television shows. The overall plot revolves around one teenager and her struggle with controlling a mysterious and extraordinary power, while her world slowly turns upside-down around her, and everything she has known and believed is to be tested. Light is both a lighthearted get it and dramatic story.


Light: Awakening

Awakening is the first story arc of Light. This is where Olivia discovers her power and unravels a grand mystery with her friends at her side.

Main Characters

Full character list (spoilers ahead)


  • Light borrows its "light power" concept from another Dk64rules (tbc) series, that being Voidverse. Adding to this, Light was originally planned to be a Voidverse reboot.
    • Additionally, the name "Peace Key" is taken from Voidverse's own "Peace Key City."
  • Light is author Dk64rules (tbc)'s first original story released on Fantendo since January 2013.
  • A prototype of Light has existed in some form since August 2014. Many of the non-action scenes, such as most of the first two chapters, take their inspiration from scenes in this template.

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