Developer(s) Blender Maximum
Publisher(s) TBA
Platform(s) Wii U
The V²
Nintendo 3DS
Project Deck
Genre(s) Platformer

Lifebuoy is an upcoming platformer video game. Lifebuoy mostly takes after classic Fantendo titles such as Fissure and Pusher's Pile. The game stars an original character named Alto, a member of the "variant" species, who travels throughout the planet of Nune, a world with heavy advancements in technology compared to Earth. This planet, however, has no actual solid ground, and the variants instead hover over the world's colorful bodies of liquid that are shaped into structures.


For the unabridged script of the plot, see a page that has yet to come into existence.

As the game begins, Alto discovers his titular lifebuoy which falls onto the planet during Alto's explorations. He picks up the lifebuoy, inspects it, then continues exploring the area.

In the following segment of the game, the world of Nune is set up. The entire planet is made of liquid, and the people of Nune are the variants who each largely differ in shape, size, and color. The variants live in towns, each protected by liquid barricades to keep out danger. The variants hover above the liquid ground of Nune and live in structures shaped out of the same liquid.

The scene then reverts back to Alto, who has happened upon a group of people yelling at someone who's trying to keep them from entering a town's barricade. The people are angered, walking away while Alto goes up to the guard to ask him what's going on. The guard explains to Alto that they were seemingly attacking the barricade for some reason. The guard lets Alto enter the town to explore for a bit. After a few minutes, however, the barricade is knocked down by the group of people who were previously harassing the guard. The town erupts into chaos, and Alto hurries to go see the town's ruler so that he can help everyone.






Character Description
Alto Alto is a variant, traversing the lands of Nune with his dangerous life preserver! Well, okay, it's not actually dangerous, but he still uses it. Alto's really just a happy-go-lucky sort of guy who's into exploration of the world, wanting to see all of the vibrant colors. Unfortunately, he's been dragged into this mess, and now he has to find out whatever's happening- and, hopefully, see more of the world.
Deputy Slanksman Deputy Slanksman is some sort of old-timey sheriff who's trying to figure out what in tarnation is goin' on here, folks. He's sort of bouncy and resembles a helix or something. Don't worry about him, though. The deputy's just here to help everyone and stop these so-called "Ravagers." He promises to stop Alto and update him on what's going on with the gang from time to time.


Character Description
Marquin A variant who exchanged his head with a hammerhead shark, Marquin really likes his power over his town and he's not going to let some idiot with a big donut stop him. There is no way that anyone could defeat the legendary Marquin of all people. He's the strongest variant out there, after all! Well, probably not, actually, but why would Marquin want to admit that?








  • The planet of Nune was originally "Lune," later turning into "Mune" before gaining its final title.

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