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Life of Super Mario: TV Show is a TV Show made for Cartoon Network. It was announced on March 9th, 2014, and was officially released on January 2nd, 2015.

Main Characters

Mario  - The main character of the show, along with Luigi. Mario is brave and relaxed, unlike his brother Luigi, who is quite cowardly and cautious. Mario lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his brother Luigi, Yoshi, and their pet Chain Chomp, Chompy. Mario's wife is Princess Peach.

Luigi - Along with Mario, Luigi is the main character of the show. Luigi is extremely careful and cowardly. He is easily embarassed and he's Daisy's husband.

Princess Peach - Princess Peach is the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. She's Mario's wife, and she loves him. Apparently, they met before they even wore regular clothes (they wore diapers when they met). Princess Peach loves to play tennis and golf.

Princess Daisy - Princess Daisy is the ruler of Sarasaland. She's Luigi's wife, and they met in preschool. When Luigi met Daisy again for the first time in 26 years, Luigi started blushing and asked her out on a date. She happily agreed, and they had a fun time as girlfriend and boyfriend.

Yoshi - Yoshi is a dinosaur that has been taking care of Mario since Mario was a baby. Yoshi is special, as he is a talking dinosaur, and he lives with Mario. Yoshi is currently Birdo's boyfriend.

Bowser - Bowser has been Mario's rival since they were babies. Bowser is easily angered, and he will do whatever he can to have Mario and Peach divorce and have him marry Peach. He just wants to rule the Mushroom Kingdom, though.

Recurring Characters

Wario - Wario is a disgusting man who is best friends and brothers with Waluigi. Wario picks his nose, farts unnecessarily and laughs about it, and digs in his behind. Wario is actually quite rich, but never shows a sign of being rich. He has a crush on Peach, and is Mario's cousin.

Waluigi - Waluigi is not disgusting at all, but he's a dirty cheater. He is in love with Daisy, and he loves to torture Luigi by pretending he's a Boo or throwing Boo puppets at him. Waluigi is obsessed with the color purple.

Chompy - Chompy is Mario and Luigi's pet Chain Chomp. Chompy is currently 3 years old in human years (which is 15 years old in Chain Chomp years). Chompy is quite aggressive, but he has a good heart.

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