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Hi there my name is Jeff and this is the story of my life in the BeanBean Castle Town I hope you enjoy.

Ch 1 Me

Hi there my name is Jeff and I have lived in the BeanBean Castle Town all of my life which is is about 32 years. I have seen much of this towns history I have seen Queen Bean get crowned the queen of the kingdom. I have seen the day that the Bean Star was put into a deep sleep I also saw the day this town was almost destroyed by an evil witch. but I guess you really don't want to here about that so I'll tell you about something else.

Ch 2 Ann

Ok I guess I should get going home if you don't want to here about my life but you can come with me ok well then let's go. When I got home of course my wife Ann was there to chew my head off but I still love her even if she does yell at me a lot. So I decided it was time that I talked to her about the yelling and screaming at me I found her in the kitchen and I started to tell her the yelling has to stop but as soon as I said this we got into a argument. And just like that Ann walked out the door and said good bye and left for good I was Heart Broken.

Ch 3 My Depression

It has been two days and I still can't get over it it's just that it hurt so much and to top it all off I lost my job at the Star Bean Cafe after ten years after working there I'm just starting to fall apart and I also received the news that my friend T. Bright has gone missing and he was just about to move in with me. Oh my life is just falling apart I just don't know what to do Maybe I should just leave and never come back but I should check the mail before I go hmmm this letter is very interesting wait what's this.

Ch 4 My New Job

Oh my gosh I can't believe this letter it's incredible it says that I am now a guard at the Bean Bean Castle because of my great losses. Oh my I think I'm going to pass out at any moment and this is great because the pay is double what I got at the cafe and I work two hours less each day plus I start tomorrow THIS IS AWSOME! I wake up the next day and head to the castle and find out what I'm guarding but when I get to the castle I am shocked to find out what I'm guarding.

Ch 5 My Assignment

I walked into the castle chamber where the guard captain Parid told me that I had to guard the entrance to WooHoo Huniversity so I set out to my post. Of course I have to guard it alone which would be ok if it was not so boring so I just sat there for two hours until I fell asleep. when I woke up I saw what appeared to be a Beanie I then realized that I was correct it was a Beanie I told it to go away but it charged at me. And then the battle began.

Ch 6 Jeff Vs. The Beanie

It charged right at me I dodged it and grabbed for my sword but was attacked before I could get it out. My sword went flying and landed by the river I went to grab it but before I could grab it the Beanie knocked it into the river and it floated down to the waterfall. The Beanie then charged at me I tried to punch it but it was to late it head butted me and sent me flying. I tried to defeat him but he is to fast for me to hit and that's when I made a plan.

Ch 7 Victory At Hand

I now know how to beat that Beanie and I'm ready to attempt it. It lunged at me and was about to hit me before I vanished it looked puzzled as it tried to figure out where I was and then I made my move. I kicked him from right under his nose and set him flying as he soard through the air I jumped and smashed him into the ground and for my finishing move I punched him right into the river. I had won the battle and then I headed to the town with a smile on my face.

Ch 8 The Finding

After I got back to town I told all the other guards what had happened and they we're amazed. Even the queen was amzed at what I had done so a big party was thrown for me because of the task I performed. at the end of the party when I was makeing a speach a guard came in with good news the news was that he had found and put the Beanie I had defeated in jail he also found my sword. Which had made me super happy.


It's been two months since the attack I have been made the guard captin of the Town because Captin Parid was transfed to chuckle huck woods and that's the end of my story.

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