Life's Awful... Part 1

Episode Script By: Darthtankengine Studios

[Show intro plays: featuring the show's main theme along with the team members, including Peira Noid, Mason, Lucazs, Savant the Goetian, Tucker, Dennis, Light, David, and Aingeru.]


(A tv screen is airing clips of Ismail, and the rest of the team defeating Queen Lilith and her minions. The camera rolls out to reveal a young man in his early 20's with purple hair tied in a ponytail watching the clips.)

Dennis - *sigh* Sometimes I wonder why I left Sacramento for this. All I do is watch the others save the day, and be the heroes for the day. Plus to make matters worse, none of them even acknowledge that I even exist. Sometimes I wonder, if I'm better off leaving. *silence* (a lightbulb appears over Dennis' head) I know I'll leave the team! They don't even notice me at all!

[Dennis writes an angry letter full of swearing, a letter about his resigning from the team]

[Queen Lillith is looking down from a crystal ball, and sees the hurt and angry Dennis]

Queen Lillith - What good luck! I've been trying to get rid of Ismail and his friends for a long time, but I never noticed that purple haired guy before! Perhaps I could mess with his emotions and show him that those good-for-nothing knuckleheads really hate him! This will be my best plan ever since that seafood buffet fiasco! So many lobsters....

[We switch back to Dennis]

Dennis - Well that's that. My letter is finished and I have all my stuff packed up. I also hope they don't notice that I took most of the food, Mason's stash of Peria's humilating photos, the Klopman Diamond, the restraining order from Misty, The Thin Git's Private Vodka Stash, and the Golden Statue of Bruce Lee. I guess I could move on now...(runs off)

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