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#108 Lickitung
Image from the Generation III games
Category Licking Pokémon
Original Region Kanto
National Dex Nr. #108
Kanto Dex Nr. #108
Johto #180
Hoenn #276
Sinnoh #161
Unova #284
Kalos #134 (Mountain)
Generation 1
Pokémon Color Pink
First Appearance Pokémon Red and Blue
Latest Appearance Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Type(s) Normal
Ability/ies Own Tempo, Oblivious
(Hidden: Cloud Nine)
Average Height 3'11"
Average Weight 144.4 lbs.
Evolves Into Lickilicky

Lickitung (Japanese: ベロリンガ Beroringa) is a Normal-type Pokémon.

It evolves into Lickilicky when leveled up while knowing Rollout.


Lickitung is a bipedal Pokémon with a round body and a thick, powerful tail. It has soft, pink skin with curved yellow lines on its belly and yellow ring markings on its knees. It has a thumb-like claw on each hand, and a single large nail on each foot. There is a yellow spot on its palms and the soles of its feet. It has beady eyes and a long, prehensile tongue. The tongue is likely connected to its tail, which twitches when the tongue is pulled.

At over 6'6", Lickitung's tongue is twice as long as its body. Sticky saliva coats its tongue, which causes a tingling sensation when touched. It is used for cleaning, capturing prey, and exploring its environment. Lickitung remembers things by their texture and taste, although it apparently dislikes sour things. The tongue is both dexterous and powerful enough to lift people, as seen in the anime. Lickitung can be found in grassy plains and meadows.


  • In the Pokémon Red and Blue beta, Lickitung was originally known as "Tonguetyd".
  • Its Red/Blue and LeafGreen Pokédex data compares Lickitung's extensible tongue to that of a chameleon, a real-world lizard.
  • Lickitung was incorrectly referred to as a Fighting-type Pokémon in the Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen Prima game guide.
  • Lickitung's name was misspelled "Likitung" in the Kanto Pokérap.


It may have been based on any number of lizards with extending tongues, particularly the blue-tongued skink or maybe even chameleons. It also shares traits with anteaters. Lickitung could also be an Iguanodon, as it shares its characteristic "thumbs" with it.

Name origin

Lickitung is a combination of lick and a corruption of tongue.

Beroringa may be derived from べろ bero (tongue), ベロベロ berobero (onomatopoeia for licking), and possibly ring (referring to the patterns on its body) or a corruption of the English word lingua (which refers to a tongue or an organ resembling a tongue). According to Pokémon Black and White's television program PokéQuiz, "Berori is the sound of licking in Japanese!"


Base Stats
Sp. Attack
Sp. Defense




National Pokédex
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