Full Name Liana Blackwell
Current Age 19
Date of Birth December 30, 1996
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Gender Female
Species New Human
Location Faele, Ziama Prime
Align Lawful Good
Current Status Alive
Class Heroine
Family and Relations
Erisi (Best Friends)
Laurent (Good Friends)
Saskia (Good Friends)
Main Weapon(s) None
Height 5'8"
First Appearance Hymns of Helios
Latest Appearance Silhouettes
Liana is a character who makes her first appearance in Hymns of Helios. She is a stubborn rogue who has often had to rely on strangers in her life to make ends meet. She was once the leader of the notorious biker gang named "Exalt", but resigned when she wanted to settle down more and have a more corporate lifestyle. She then started working hard, and found herself working in one of the biggest companies known in the world, however, she started to grow tired of this lifestyle, and she decided to take extended time off from her job to go into the world and find something to explore. 

She later has become the most notable character from the Ziama Prime universe, and often appears in other forms of media as a representative of Illusion Works and the universe respectively. Starting after the beginning of the Mallorian Monarch phase of the Zaxinian Lifts, she is a major character in that universe as a whole.


Liana and her family are from the universe of Ziama Prime, in a small village-like realm in the corner of the universe called Faele. It is known for being disconnected in many ways from the other realms, as the medical practices and technology are severely outdated. However, even with this setback, it doesn't make people less attracted to living there.

Liana hasn't exactly had the upbringing you would expect. Her mother was never around when she was younger, due to overworking to make ends meet after her father left the country to go exploring. Liana's mother wanted to work hard, to keep the dreams of her family alive and running, but this led Liana to become less and less attached to her mother, since they were never together. 

Liana's father came back home around the age of ten, and he shared with her all of his stories of exploring the Amazonian rain forests and other curiosities to the world, which fascinated her. She enjoyed listening to all of his stories, and the two bonded tighter than Liana ever could with her mother. After her father left on another expedition, Liana decided that it was time that she went on an adventure of her own, and behind her mother's back, she set off to explore the world on her own two feet.


Liana has a very cheery and brash personality, she can be a very nice person to be around or she can be a living nightmare. When she left home, she quickly fell in with a rough crowd, but she enjoyed it. She learned gradually how to ride a motorbike, and quickly become the leader of the critically acclaimed Exalt biker gang, showing that she is charismatic and easily likeable, as well as a quick learner and a great leader figure.

She is also a very restless person. She often moves around from job to job because when she is at the top, she becomes tired and bored of not being able to grow further. Therefore she moves on from that occupation or placement and finds something new and exciting to pursue. 


Liana has a lot of practical skills which she got taught from watching her father in action. She is able to do things such as tie tight knots and climb up vertical poles. She can also ride a motorbike with ease, or any other vehicle for that matter. She is able to quickly learn things, so her pool of abilities is ever growing.


Hymns of Helios

Liana débuts in the video game Hymns of Helios. She is represented as the outsider of the eight warriors, as she is the least recognised and the least talented of the group. She is seen as a weak contender from the rest of the group, which has immediately outcast her from them.

She later meets all of the killers, and quickly befriends them all. In the end, the killers and Liana manage to escape since the killers developed strong bonds with Liana, and thought that killing her wouldn't lead to anything positive in the world.

Diamond Days

Liana appears in Diamond Days as a university student who has signed up to a mysterious course titled "Diamond Days". After the crime scene investigation exercise, Liana becomes very ill and sick, and she experiences nightmares about an unknown girl with pink hair, which makes her believe she may be suffering from a case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

After spending some time alone, she decides to go to the bonfire, before noticing Saskia trailing off from the group and heading to an unknown house in the middle of the forest. She enters the house and is alarmed when Saskia and Harding are fighting, which eventually leads to Saskia killing Harding after a very tough fight. The girls hide the body and decide to forget about it at all costs. In the season finale, Liana graduates alongside her friends but is alarmed even further when the body of Nathaniel Harding is found and announced on the news.

Dimensional Destruction




Erisi was Liana's first friend when trapped in Hymns of Helios. At first, Erisi disliked Liana and desperately wanted to kill her in order to win the game, but decided not to because she was so terrible at puzzles, and there was several of them that had to be completed before Liana could be killed. 



Saskia was the first person Liana become friends with at University during Diamond Days. They discovered they had a lot in common when it came to their dreams and their desires, which made them easily become friends.





Liana has been somewhat highly received by the audience. Her design has been complimented on for looking simplistic but also somewhat unique as well. She was also selected as a character for the weekly community draw competition hosted by .snickedge (tbc), where she received multiple submissions.



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