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Lexi Larsen
Lexi Larsen
Project LL
Full Name Lexi Larsen aka Project LL
Current Age 23
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Female
Species Human/Cyborg
Location Unknown
Current Status Alive
Class Military Cryogenic Solider
Main Weapon(s) Holo Bow and Arrow
Element(s) Light
Ability/ies Enhanced physical strength, speed, and mind

Good shot with the Holo Arrows

Height 6'04
First Appearance Strafe Warzones (as an unnamed agent, then as Lexi Larsen in post credits)
Project LL

Lexi Larsen (Also known as Project LL) is a cybernetic super solider that was seen in Strafe: Warzones and Crow vs the World. She was an agent that was part of the team investigating Unten's rocket during the events of Fantendo - Genesis and Strafe: Warzones. During an encounter with Strafe and Leah, she was accidentally blown up by a landmine. Her body was revealed to have been recovered and with the help of cybernetics, she became a cyborg military solider.

She is currently slated to appear in Crow vs the World as a boss.


Lexi Larsen has dark blue hair with light blue tips. She has light green eyes that are surrounded by black circles. She has pale skin and wears something resembling a one piece swimsuit with a coat, although the coat is often somehow impractically hanging off her. She has a belt around her waist and a bag strapped to her left leg. She wears sandals.


Lexi Larsen is confrontational and rude during her time as an agent, something that ultimately led to the accident that made her a cyborg. Although she was recovered and even strengthened, she had no say in anything she did post-accident, including her outfit or becoming mute. A part of her resents the people who outfitted her with the cybernetics, although she is becoming used to the whole thing.


Project LL has incredible strength, speed, and knowledge, allowing to be on the level on Crow in terms of being able to violate universal laws. As such, she can shoot holo arrows at the speed of light and run at incredible speeds without becoming tired. She can also search the internet in her brain as well as receive commands. It is more or less implied that she cannot disobey her commands or she will be blown up.


Strafe: Warzones

Appears initially as a unnamed female agent who confronts Strafe and Leah rudely when they examine Unten's rocket. She is blown up while talking to Leah, apparently tripping a landmine. She appears in the second post-credits scene as Project LL, her name revealed and state after the explosion revealed. It is also revealed that she will be confronting Crow about the destruction of military resources.

Crow vs the World

Lexi appears as the intended seventh boss of Crow vs the World's first round. She is forced to fight Crow against her will, attacking and chasing her with the intent to kill her. During her Red Phase, she breaks her arm in a attack that leaves them both with a single health point. After Crow defeats her, she removes the communication device responsible for all her pain. Lexi Larsen exercises her new freedom by killing a bunch of soldiers and taking off, her current whereabouts unknown.



Doesn't respect him and the feeling is probably mutual.



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Lexi Larsen
Strafe: Warzones (2015)

A government agent that got blown up when encountering Leah and Strafe near Unten's crash site. She was reformed into a cybernetic super soldier, although she has no control over her appearance or orders. She was also forcibly muted by the people that created her cybernetics. She is known only as Project LL to the government and is seen as nothing but a weapon to them.



  • Lexi's design was partially inspired by Raiden (from Metal Gear Rising) and Lapis Lazuli (from Steven Universe).
  • It's more or less implied her "designers" are heavily sexist and don't take any input from her.

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