This is the list of enemies in Lets-a-go, Mario, along with the glossary's description.

Sample Name Glossary Entries
GOOMBOBO Goomba Goombas were Mushroom Kingdom pets that went crazy and became traitors. Cooking tip, fried Goombas are a delicacy!
Figerfliz Fighter Fly Fighter Flies are pesky insects that live in sewers. They've somehow adapted to live almost anywhere, including major cities!
Ninji Ninji

Dairantou!!! Super Samurai Dream Ninjas, Go!!!

This is the dream.

Pansabansa Panser Moving flowers with a passion for dance. They spread fireballs around to attack.
Fizzlito Fizzlit

Electric... gummy teeth? How do you come up with these things, Bowser?!

Nessdark Nessdark Concentrated evil energy that has gained form. Their gaze is the last thing many Toads see.

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