This is the character page for Lethal Manlove Voyage.

Starter Characters

Image Name Series Info Sanctum Guard
Grandma new Grandma Cookie Clicker A nice grandma to bake more cookies! While she may seem calm and caring on the outside, she may hold the key to the end of worlds. Grandma is a good character for beginning players, and her attacks include using her rolling pin to flatten enemies and summoning her oven to fire cookies at tough foes. Antigrandma - the Antigrandma is made of pure antimatter, and can use her Condesoven to launch large beams of cookies. Her rolling pin is also stronger, and enemies remain flat longer.
Beck Beck Mighty No. 9 Straight from the Kickstarter project, it's Mighty No. 9 himself, Beck! Beck's a heroic robot and will do anything he has to do in order to defend people from the rogue Mighty Numbers! In battle, he's prepared with a tank-style transformation to cross obstacles, and a rapid-fire blaster! Golden Beck - With the power of funding a Sanctum Guard, Beck goes gold and gains even more power! His tank mode moves faster and his blaster can fire even faster- because gold obviously gives these powers to robots.
Johnegbert John Egbert Homestuck Taking a break from the meta-physical shenanigans of Homestuck, John Egbert's ready to fight in the Inner Sanctum! Overall, he's a nice guy who's good at handling the crap he's going through. In battle, he can use his Pogo Hammer to make some pretty sweet combos, and summon the Windy Thing to blow away enemies. Heir of Breath - As the Heir of Breath, John has stronger Windy Thing powers, the Warhammer of Zillyhoo, and some pretty sick bluepajamas God Tier clothes.
BtG Tahu Mata Tahu BIONICLE The Toa Mata of Fire, Tahu is a noble yet hotheaded warrior who's willing to go as far as he must to defend the Matoran and his fellow Toa. He's proven himself as a true hero time and time again, be it against the Bohrok, Rahi, or Makuta himself! He can use his flame sword to slash and burn, and can use his Great Hau to project barriers and block enemies off. Tahu Nuva - With some Protodermis, Tahu becomes a powerful Toa Nuva! He has dual magma swords to dish out heat on a higher level, and a Hau Nuva to create stronger and bigger barriers.
Grapplin hook mabel Mabel Gravity Falls Mabel's here, and she's ready to solve some mysteries, bedazzle some faces, and show all the universes her great sweaters! She may be a bit ditzy, but Mabel's always there to help her friends and has quite the adventurous spirit. She can use her grappling hook to reach usually un-reachable high places, and can summon Waddles to attack her enemies. Strawberry Mabel - Dressed up in her Summerween costume, Mabel is ready to put a lid on evil... yeah! Her grappling hook has homing abilities and longer range, and Waddles (dressed up adorably as a slice of bread) is more aggressive to protect Mabel's Summerween candy stash.
Shrek Shrek Shrek Shrek is one ogrewhelming onionigma of a guy, with a heart of gold under layers of gruffness. Ever since he got his ending in Shrek Forever After, Shrek's been hungry for more adventure, and found his new flame Shadow when the universes melded. When fighting, Shrek uses his fists to wrestle down enemies, and he can also toss swamp grenades made from onions that unleash the essence of the swamp unto his foes. Desu Shrek Shoujo - With his henshin complete, Desu Shrek Shoujo takes the stage with his mahou shoujo powers! His fists are powered up by his frilled gloves, and his swamp grenades unleash bursts of majykkz.
Shadowbacktotheorigins Shadow Sonic the Hedgehog Shadow is too edgy for other Baby Waffles, so he's come to play in Lethal Manlove Voyage- and the title fits him like a glove more than anyone else. After SEGA decided Sonic needed to be alone, Shadow looked for love in all the wrong places until he found it in the least likely place- the swamp. In his fight alongside Shrek, he uses Chaos Control to slow down enemies and Chaos Spear to blast them. Super Shadow - With the power of the Chaos Emeralds and love, Shadow goes super! His Chaos Controls last longer to make enemies sluggish, and his Chaos Spears become Chaos Blasts with a big radius of damage!
Electivire DW Electivire Pokémon Always a strong team member, Electivire is the final form of Elekid and a powerful Electric-type. It can unleash 20,000 volts of electricity upon its enemy just using its tails and its natural energy. When in the Inner Sanctum, Electivire uses Thunder Punch to beat up whatever stands in its way, and can use Bulldoze to move fast while dealing damage. Shiny Electivire - When it gains the power of a Sanctum Guard, Electivire gains orange-yellow fur and blue eyes. Its fists are charged up to the fullest and deal more shock damage, and it can move faster with its Bulldoze attacks.
Shoko Shoko Adventure Time A past incarnation of Finn the Human, Shoko is a mercenary with mysterious ties to Ooo's past. She showed up in an early Candy Kingdom, helped Princess Bubblegum make some Gumball Guardians, stole an amulet, and died, an irradiated beast. She can use her dagger to fight off enemies, and can summon her tiger to ride upon! Mutant Shoko - Having fallen into a toxic waste river, Shoko became a giant mutant thing. Unlike most Sanctum Guard forms, Mutant Shoko has different attacks- she can slam into enemies or fire blasts from PB's amulet.
V3 Kamen Rider V3 Kamen Rider Kamen Rider... V3! The third out of several Kamen Riders, V3's secret identity is Shiro Kazami, a college student who was targeted by the evil Destron organization. Aftr an encounter with his family dead, Shiro was taken by the original duo of Kamen Riders and made into a new, stronger Rider- V3. He can use his enhanced physical ability to land decisive kicks, and use one of his powers, the Red Bone Power, to unleash concentrated blasts from his chest. 26 Secrets V3 - With all 26 powers unlocked, V3 emits a red aura and has strength beyond that of his predecessors. His kicks are strengthened into Flame Pillar Kicks charged with fire, and his Red Bone Power is converted into a Red Bone Ring to chase down enemies.
Atlas and p-body Atlas and P-body Portal The cooperative testing duo of Altas and P-body enter the Inner Sanctum! Built by GLaDOS for cooperative testing of the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, this dynamic pair of bots are always on the move from chamber to chamber, scoring Science Collaboration Points. In their fight for the Inner Sanctum, you control both of them at the same time- P-body is carrying its trusty portal gun to create portals, while Atlas uses his trusty robotic kung-fu to fight off birds evil. Beautiful Bots - with truly powerful hats equipped, Atlas and P-body move up from 'formidable opponent' to 'deity-slaying manly men of action'. P-body's portals can be shot on more surfaces due to the truly awe-inspiring Bionic Beanie, and Atlas wears the hat of a true champion, the Master's Yellow Belt. To top it off, both are in their best Paint Jobs.

Unlockable Characters

Image Name Series Info Sanctum Guard How to Unlock
Davestrider Dave Strider Homestuck Dave Strider is a pretty sweet bro. A friend of John's, he goes by turntechGodhead on Pesterchum. Just like John, he got pulled into a pretty insane adventure involving universes and stuff, although Dave's obviously way cooler about the whole situation. As an experienced warrior, he uses a broken ninja sword and his brother's sick Smuppets to fight. Knight of Time - As a God Tier, Dave is the Knight of Time, and can move super-fast and stuff. He uses Caledscratch, a sword that can shift from broken to just forged and back with ease, and has better Smuppet tossing abilities. Find him in the Land of Wind and Shade (on main path)
Terezi Pyrope Terezi Pyrope Homestuck 1T'S T3R3Z1! Terezi is one of the 12 post-Scratch Trolls from Alternia except they communicate with pre-Scratch Earth and there's ancestors and dancestors and all sorts of other things that may or may not matter- but the important thing is that Terezi is blind and a really good detective, like Daredevil sort of. In battle she uses her walking cane to pap the bad guys, and OBJECT to their actions, briefly stunning them. Redglare - in costume, Terezi roleplays as her ancestor, going by the name Redglare. She has access to her powerful Dragon Cane and her OBJECTIONS stun the enemy longer, doing damage if timed right. Find her in the Land of Wind and Shade (side path, accessed by Tahu)
Mighty No 8 Mighty No. 8 Mighty No. 9 Designed for espionage, Mighty No. 8 is a powerful fighter with a worn look. His entire body is built around stealth- he has a cloaking device in his cape, a dish for a hat, and a rifle arm. In the Inner Sanctum, he grudgingly fights alongside heroes with his powerful sniper rifle, and the ability to turn invisible briefly and avoid enemies. Mightier No. 8 - With white plating invoking a powerful look, Mighty No. 8 gets mightier with his Sanctum Guard powers at their fullest. His sniper rifle can be zoomed in further and pierces enemies, and his invisibility lasts longer and shorts out machines as he walks by. Find him in the Mighty Arena (on main path)

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