Lester the Shy-Guy is a 2.5D platformer/RPG game for the Wii U, you play as a friendly Shy-Guy called Lester who has to save the Mushroom Kingdom once the Mario bros. and Peach are all captured by Bowser.

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Lester was just another friendly Shy-Guy walking around, until Bowser announced that he didn't just capture Peach, but also the Mario bros, so they can't stop him themselves, so Lester gets a toy sword and runs off to (try to) save the day.


Picture Name Description
Lester the Shy-Guy The main character of the game, he travels the Mushroom Kingdom to beat Bowser and save everybody.
Bowser The big bad of the game, he clearly got a bit smarter since he thought of taking care of the Mario bros. so they don't mess with him.
Peach The ruler of the Mushroom kingdom gets kidnapped again, but this time, Mario won't be the one to save her.
Mario bros. Peach's "knights" who always save her, but this time, they're the ones that need saving.


The game is 2.5D in the Paper Mario style, not much explanation there, the RPG part comes in the battles, when you run into an enemy, you go into the battle mode, it's your basic RPG stuff, you and your foe take turns hitting each other. here, you can counter the enemies by swinging with your sword or jumping (Like in Mario & Luigi) and obviously, you get EXP after a fight so you can level up and take on stronger enemies.

The game is divided into Worlds and Levels, each world has 5 levels, the 5th being a boss level, for more info, see the Worlds & Levels section below and the Bosses section under that

Worlds & Levels




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