Leroy is the main protagonist of GamerTendo's series, Fiction Fighters.

Full Name Leroy
Current Age 15
Gender Male
Species Human, with potential superhuman powers
First Appearance Fiction Fighters Alpha


Leroy is one of the four kids, the other three being Nina, Gelato, and Gary to be warped into the world of fiction. He was given superhuman powers upon being warped him. He's the leader of the team of his friends, but despite having some fighting skills and superhuman skills, he has a very hard time using his powers.


Leroy is very kindhearted to his friends, and even enemies sometimes. But he's sometimes not afraid to fight, and rather naive. However, he tries leading his team the best he can through adventure, and making friends on the way.


Fiction Fighters Alpha

Leroy's first apperance is in the game Fiction Fighters Alpha, the first game of the Fiction Fighters series. He's one of the playable characters of the game, and the main protagonist over all.

Powers and Abilities

Powers given to him in the Fictional Universe

Leroy has a hard time using his powers given to him in the world he was sent too, but he can partially use some of it with ease, while having a hard time using the more powerful powers. His powers he does use consist of energy blast, shields, and summoning weapons made out of energy. However, when he does manage to use his full power, it's refered to as Power Unleashed. Leroy, for a short time get's a huge boost of energy and power, increasing all of his stats and abilities. His energy blast become bigger, shields more durable, and he can summon deadly weapons like huge chainsaws, giant staffs, giant blades, explosives, and others.

Fighting Style

Leroy wasn't a good fighter back on earth, but when he went to the fictional universe, he gained a fighting style. It mostly revolves around punching and kicking, and sometimes weapon using. Not very original.


Leroy's shield is very durable, and even more durable in Power Unleashed mode. He also can spin around in this like a hamster ball, and do a spin dash, which he learned from playing Sonic the Hedgehog video games.




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