Lep Bounce & Pounce
Lep (3)
Developer(s) User:Vizro9009
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) 3DS
Release Date(s)
Player 1 and Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Rated E
Genre(s) Mini game RPG
Media Included 3DS cartridge

Lep Bounce & Pounce was a mini game included in Vizro (game) . It's plot was to catch a robber from destroying the city. You must deactivate bombs to progress in some levels. You can sometimes get money from unlocking a safe that go into the Vizro Game for spending. You can unlock diffrent characters. The main characters are Lep & Streamer. Trow was unlocked by glitch.


At the age of 7, Lep attends a school called Quinton Elementry. When he introduced himself, everybody including the teacher laughed at him because they thought he sound like Micheal Jackson so they called him Micheal Jackson the ll. On the third day, A new student named Streamer came in. The teacher sent Lep to tour him. He introduced himself. Streamer called him by his real name. That started a friendship. They were getting goood grades. People called them the Micheal Einston Jackson Bros . They seem to like it and renamed it MEJB. MEJB was so smart ,that at the age of 12 they fot their college diploma. They bought a house and invited Trow. They wanted to join a club. They found a Munk cub and entered. They were the best Munks. They were called "Keyrolock(Lep)" and "Shonen(Streamer). One day a robber planted bombs underground which explode when you touch the ground. Trow escorted all the people. But Lep and Streamer were going to take care of it.


Lep : Lep is a default charcter. He can create Vortex's that caan stop you from touching platform and can defeat any foe

Streamer : He is unlockable by beating the third level. He needs a blaster and a booster to stay afloat

Trow :He is available by glitch. On the second level. Touch 10 pieces of platform. Use your vortex to defeat 13 enemies. You will fall but press B before you touch the bottom and you'll be playing a figure similar to Trow but the same moveset as the character you used to perform the glitch.


The motive of the game was to keep a certain amount of platform still. You must defeat all enemies and bosses of the level to progress. You sometimes might unlock safes and get money that you can use in the Vizro game.

You must deactivate some bombs left over to progress. There is 59 levels and 69 more levels after completing the game.


  • Trow might have origanally been designed and put in the game. But maybe due to lack of time was cut but the design was still never deleted
  • This was just suppose to be Lep's game but they wanted to add a sidekick
  • They say they will make another game of Vinzu, also meaning another game of Lep

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