Lep running.
Full Name Lep
Current Age 14
Date of Birth 2-09-1994
Zodiac Sign L
Gender Male
Location Huwie Town
Current Status In Chicago
Class Munk
Family and Relations
Main Weapon(s) Vortex creations
Ability/ies Can create Vortexes
Vulnerable To arachnophobia
Micheal Jackson the ll & Keyrolock
First Appearance Fantendo Sports Wii
Latest Appearance Lep:Bounce & Pounce
Lep Jamal Howard is a purple hedgehog who can create vortexes. He currently is taking a vacation in Chicago. He does lots of minigames. He made a first appearance in Lep Bounce & Pounce in which you have to stay airborne. If you touch a piece of platform it explodes. The subject was to keep as much platform in as possible. He made more mini games in the Vinzu series. His partner Streamer likes to brag a lot. They rarely battle evil. They have no main villain.


When he was 7, He went to Quinton Elementary School. When he introduced himself there, the children even the teacher laughed at him because the thought he talked like Micheal Jackson. After that day, the people called him Micheal Jackson the ll. It was so commonly used, the principle would say " Micheal Ja... I mean Lep, come to the front office please "Micheal Jackson ll". On the third day of school, he saw a new student in his class and his name was Streamer. The teacher called Micheal Jackson ll to tour him around. After introducing himself, Streamer didn't call him Micheal Jackson ll but Lep. He smiled at Streamer and that began a friendship. They got good grades. People then called them the "Micheal Einston Jackson Bros". They both liked the name and renamed it "MEJB". They were so smart that at the age of 12, they got a diploma out of college! They bought a home and car together. They wanted to join a club for money. They ended up at The Munk club. They were the best munks ever. But one day, a robber planted bombs that go off when you touch the ground. The other people went into airplanes besides Streamer & Lep. They were going to find the robber. After multiple gimmicks, they arrested the robber. The town gave them money. They spent it to go to Chicago.


Kids of Hwoie town: Lep did not like them because they were mean to him in Quinton when he was little.

Streamer: Lep & Streamer were best friends because he was the only one who did not call him names

Munks: He likes the Monks because they respected him and called him Keyrolock



  • It is unknown how Lep can make Vortexes
  • He might have created Vortexes during his Munk training
  • Even though the Munks called him "Keyro lock, he seems to like it