GX Leon
Leon as he appeared in F-Zero GX.
Full Name Leon
Current Age 16
First Appearance F-Zero X (1998)
Latest Appearance F-Zero Climax (2004)

Leon is an inhabitant of the planet Zou, a world inhabited entirely by beastly, wolf-like humanoids with increased strength and sense in comparison to Earth-based humans. He was orphaned at a young age thanks to a territory war that ripped through his home. This hardened him into a harsh and determined protector of his people, doing anything possible in his power to help preserve the futures of Zou's ravaged and homeless youth. This is what pushed Leon to the pursuit of the one billion space credits offered as prize money to the champion of the F-Zero Grand Prix.

Space Angler

Using the appropriate spare parts found on the surface of his war-torn home, Leon crafted the Space Angler with his own two hands and entered the races in hope of freeing all of the children of Zou from poverty.

Vehicle Statistics

  • Number: 19
  • Creator: Fable Animal
  • Engine: ANIM-01-7x2
  • Weight: 910 kg
  • Body: C
  • Boost: C
  • Grip: A


Super Smash Bros. Universe

Leon makes several cameos within the game. His machine, the Space Angler appears as a stage hazard in the Mute City Serial Gaps stage, and in addition he appears as a collectible trophy along with his machine the Space Angler.

F-Zero U

Leon returns once again in F-Zero U. Like all other returning pilots, Leon is now 10 years older, making him 26 years old in this installment of F-Zero. His machine, the Space Angler has seen the most changes out of all the returning machines. This was due to the fact that many considered Leon's machine to be one of the worst machines in F-Zero GX.