Lekain is a Begnion senator and duke of Gaddos. He is the leader of the corrupt Begnion Senate, and attempts to overthrow Begnion's empress, Sanaki. Lekain, despite his corrupt nature, proves himself to be quite resourceful and a master manipulator. He fooled the weak leaders of Kilvas and Daein into signing Blood Pacts, effectively bending those countries to the Senate's will. He was also the mastermind of the Serenes Massacre, framing the Herons for the assassination of Apostle Misha, inflaming beorc-laguz relations for years to come. Despite his political and strategic savvy, it is revealed that Lekain is nothing more than a pawn. When questioned by Ike about Lehran's Medallion, Lekain responded with bewilderment, having never heard of such an item. Furthermore, through his actions Lekain unwittingly helped further Sephiran's goals.

He briefly appears as a boss in Chapter 4-3: Distortions. After a few turns, he warps away automatically, leaving Numida to die. If you are able to reach him before he warps away and are able to defeat him he still retreats. He later appears as one of the two bosses, along with Hetzel, in the Endgame Part I, where he is killed by Yune's party. He wields the SS Light Tome Rexaura, which he drops, and a Rewarp staff.

His death in the Tower of Guidance ends the blood pacts of Daein and Kilvas.

Nintendo vs. Capcom

Lekain also appears in Nintendo vs. Capcom as a playable character. He is unlocked by beatin Arcade with 23 Nintendo characters. He will sometimes use the magic of light to fight his foes in combat.

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