Lego Legend of Zelda


Lego legend of zelda v2

Credit to WesTalbott for the Lego Legend of Zelda art design in the boxart.
Developer(s) Lego, TT Games, WB Games, Nintendo & TE Studios
Publisher(s) Thektdude & Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U

The V²

Release Date(s)
GB Flag 23rd April 2016

Flag of European Union 24th April 2016

Australia Flag 24th April 2016

Japan Flag 25th April 2016

US Flag 26th April 2016

28th April 2016 (Worldwide)

Single Player, 2 Player Co-op
Genre(s) Adventure, RPG, Action, Fantasy
Series Lego Games & Legend of Zelda

Lego Legend of Zelda is a Lego Videogame for the Wii U and The V² that was Released in 2016. It features three Lego Adventures of Ocarina of Time, Majoras Mask & Wind Waker.

The Style of the Game

The Game is like any other Lego game like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Batman, etc. Instead of studs in this Lego game, you have rupees as studs to collect like in the Legend of Zelda games used to buy special powers, characters, gold blocks, etc.

  • Studs - Rupees
  • Gold Blocks - Golden Triforces
  • Minikits - Link's Sword

The Levels

You will start as Young Link in Ocarina of Time and you will do 6 Levels in each Game, just like Lego Star Wars.

How you get to the Levels is following a path of studs that look like ghosts that lead to the level.

Downloadable Content

2 Months after the game came out in the UK, 2 DLC Packs was released with extra characters, special powers and a short level you can do.


  • Midna
  • TBA


  • TBA


It works the same in every lego game, you have characters you can play and unlock, then you have characters you can unlock and buy to use for later levels and levels you done before, but getting all the minikits and golden Triforces to unlock more things, as well as doing side missions to unlock and buy more characters.

Name/Artwork Unlock Unlock + Buy Game
Young Link Yes No Ocarina of Time & Majoras Mask
Navi Yes No Ocarina of Time & Majoras Mask
Young Zelda Yes No Ocarina of Time
Saria Yes No Ocarina of Time
Link Yes No Ocarina of Time
Toon Link Yes No Wind Waker
Sheik Yes No Ocarina of Time
Ganondorf Yes No Ocarina of Time
Know it all Brother No Yes Ocarina of Time
Fado (OOT) No Yes Ocarina of Time


No Yes Ocarina of Time
Impa Yes No Ocarina of Time
Princess Ruto No Yes Ocarina of Time

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