The Leigon of Life, or LOL for short, is a group of 8 members who control balance in the Hellfire Fighters universe. As of now, only 7 of these members have been met, with the leader hiding somewhere in the universe.

Hellfire Fighters 2: Dawn of Cipher

The group was met in The Temple Of Time halfway in the game. The members are in order, each representing something.

???: Master of Teamwork

Mario: Master of Adventure

Sonic: Master of Freedom

Vanellope: Master of Courage

Alpha: Master of Confidence

Dipper: Master of Curiosity

Reimu Hakurei: Master of Stealth

Pinkie Pie: Master of Laughter

Dexter: Master of Intelligence

Kirby: Master of Perserverance

During the game, Bill is seen walking with robotic versions of the Legion. These robots are called the Legion Of Death. Unlike LOL, LOD's leader is known to be Bill Cipher himself.