Legends of the Waffleverse, is a turn-based RPG with platforming elements. The game is released by Wario Inc. and is a "Baby Waffle". The game was inspired by Paper Mario and features gameplay similar to it. The plot revolves around a misunderstood god, Wario(Not to be confused with the Mario character) who tries to prove himself by defeating the legendary demon Ghastor with the help of his Waffleverse friends.
Legends of the Waffleverse
Developer(s) Wario Inc.
Publisher(s) Brock Publishing
Platform(s) Nintendo Omega
Release Date(s)
March 30, 2016
Story, Online Battle
Age Rating(s)
ESRB: E10+


Genre(s) Baby Waffle

Platformer with RPG elements

Series Waffleverse
Successor Return of the Waffleverse
Media Included Dowloadable, Disk

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