Legends of the Mushroom Kingdom is an Open World 3D MMO for the Wii U and 3DS, it takes place decades after the Mario franchise.


After Mario finally defeats Bowser once and for all, his sons and minions all escape, while they're gone the pricnesses decide to make a giant barrier to prevent his minions from coming back...

Many years later, Bowser Jr. comes back, now grown up he wants revenge, however what he doesn't know is that Mario and Luigi disappeared many years ago, so he take revenge on the Mushroom Kingdom itself and it's surroundings.

Princess Peach Toadstool VIII makes a counter-attack program to defend her kingdom and it's surroundings and the war for total conquest begins.

As you go along the game you'll find quests that move on the story a little, Peach is the main leader if oyu play as the Mushroom Kingdom Forces and if ou play as the Darkland Forces your main leader will be Bowser II (AKA grown up Bowser Jr.).


The game plays in 3D as you go through a really big world and you find loot, fight monsters, discover dungeons and complete quests, there are a total of 10 playable races, 5 for each side, each one has their own stats and abilities, and of course there are Mounts to make moving through the map easier or even progress to certain areas one cannot normally access via land.

The game's main currency is Pixel Coins, you get these in many different ways and you use them to buy items.


Mushroom Forces

Name Description
Toads Toads are a good combination of swift and strong, they can use many weapons like swords, bows and spears though they're not very skilled at magic.
Apes These creatures sure pack a punch! They're very good with meelee attacks, however they're not very good with range weapons.
Monty Moles Monty Mole isn't the strongest however he is pretty fast and can dig out pretty good minerals.
Mechanical Mechanicals are special mechanical creatures created by the Mushroom Kingodm in order to fight, they're very good with ranged weapons and while they aren't as good with meelee attacks they still pack quite a punch!
Shadow Shadows are creatures similar to the Shadow Sirens, they're dark and mysterious and they're very good with magic.

Darkland Forces

Name Description
Koopa Troopa These guys are pretty all-around, however they're not the best at magic.
Squeeks These sneaky little guys are very good at stealth, so better watch your back!
Kremlins These malevolous crocs teamed up with the Darklands ever since the defeat of their king! These guys are really good with meelee!
Shy Guys These guys are really weak, they're better at cheating than anything! These guys can use various special techniques ot their advantage, however, they're weak in return.
Boos Ohohoh, these insane little guys are very creepy, they can use their ghost skills to their advantage in a fight, but they're not very fast


Name Description
Yoshi These guys are pretty fast and can use their tongue to swing off of ledges and grab items from afar, they can also use their Flutter Jump to hover a bit before falling.
Rex These guys aren't as fast but they're stronger and can use their sharp claws to attack!
Big Buzzy Bettle They are slow, however, they can walk up certain walls.
Rambi These guys are pretty fast, their main method of attack is tackling, since you can't really use weapons or magic while riding them, unlike the other Mounts.
Clouds (temporary) When you beat a Lakitu, there's a 50/50 chance they'll drop their cloud which you can pick up and then use to move around faster, however afer a certain amount of time they'll disappear.
Bullet Bills (item) When you destroy a Bullet Bill Cannon there's a 50/50 possibility it'll drop a Bullet Bill you can use as an item, when you use it your character will ride it and dash to a certain direction with great speed.

DLC Stuff

The stuff mentioned here can only be obtained within certain DLC

DLC Races

Name Description DLC
Shroobs These alien baddies use Vim cannons,laserblades and other shroob-only weapons to defeat their enemies,they are mostly just like toads in terms of stats Close encounter of a shroob kind
Primids These special warriors are glass cannons but extremely fragile,being able to spawn several other subspace troops as apart of their attacks The New Subspace Order
R.O.B. R.O.Bs attack using spinning tops and lasers,they are extremely fast but have ok attack and defenses 60th anniversary of nintendo expansion pack
Mario Clones despite what it says on the tin Mario clones dont fight like mario at all,using the virtuo virus they use attacks from all different races,they are completely neutral in terms of stats The Rise of Thomas Crunch

DLC Mounts

Name Description DLC
Shroob UFO can only be ridden by shroobs,they can float above like non-temporary clouds,they can also pick up far-away objects Close encounter of a shroob kind
Duontank this subspace vechile made in the shape of the subspace army general duon has 2 modes,ranged mode and melee mode,in ranged mode it fires like a railgun that deals more damage the farther it travels,in melee mode it uses it's two blades to attack with quick melee strikes The New Subspace Order
Clowncar A limited edition veicle,it acts similar to the shroob UFO except it is faster and uses melee attacks like buzzsaws and drills instead of tractorbeams

The Bowser Bounty Expansion Pack

Mini-Galleom Several shadowbugs made into a small galleom clone,it is like yoshi except with a additional charge attack and if it is destroyed,it will turn into a bomb with a 10-second timer The New Subspace Order

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