Legends of Yinx (Yinxの伝説:ストーリーブック, Legends of Yinx: Story Book) is a Strategy Fantasy Platformer that is being worked on from Pineapple Kingdom Inc. for the 3DS. You have 4 Types of Players you can play as: A Mage, an Archer, a Warrior, or a Gnome. This Platformer is Planned to have a Developed Plot that is still being worked on.


Chapter 1

Dark, Red Clouds Surround the Castle. King Cerus, the King of the Castle of Yinx, Is not worried at all, thinking Gold can Solve his Problems. He Angrily tells the Knights to get him his gold, and they hand it to him. He tries to go outside and call the Dark Lord that is bringing these Red Thunder Clouds down there so he can give him his gold. The Dark Lord, Death III, punches the King in the Kidneys and Takes his gold. Death III makes the Red Clouds Bigger and more Thunder and the King is to Weak to go On.

Meanwhile, on a different land, A Mage, an Archer, a Warrior, and a Living Gnome are all Practicing there skills. Suddenly, The Wizard Pescu hands them a Crystal Ball in Fear. He runs away and the Mage Checks it. There are Red Clouds coming toward them. They Think they should go to the Source of the Red Thunder Clouds and Go to Death III.


There will be more Chapters soon, Chapters 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 are still in Development.


Unamed Mage Character- The Mage can use Magic Potions that he Collects or Brew's at Melwich's Brew Shop and attack enemies. He/She can also mix potions to make even stronger elements. The Mage is Very Quick and Strong, but Sometimes needs his teammates to have his Back. Can also use a wand which has special elements.

Unamed Archer Character- The Archer can use Different Kinds of Attack Bows and Enhanced Bows, which are more Power Based. The Archer is slower than other characters, but makes up for it with his Powerful Bows. He/She is more skill based.

Unamed Warrior Character- The Warrior carries Many Different Weapons which makes him the Most Powerful, but slowest of the Bunch. The Warrior has 1 more Heart than the other characters. The Warrior can carry Knives, Swords, Axes, Maces, Ball and Chain, Pixies, and Gauntlets.

Unamed Gnome Character- The Gnome is the Weakest, but not really weak, of the bunch. The Gnome is the lightest character with Fast Movements. The Gnome can Attack with a Frying Pan or Punches and Kicks. The Gnome is also the only one who can use Erempaw Stones, which Enhance attacks and Defensee.



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