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“Here we are; Planet Radon.” Xena said. “So, what should we do now?” Sukotto said. “I need you to go see my brother, Geno. He is an excellent swordsman, and he will teach you how to use you weapons.” said Xena. “How do we find him?” Jakku asked. Xena then reached into her pocket and gave them a 3DS. “Take this 3DS; it is modified to keep track of all your gear and items. It also has a GPS. Use it to find Geno.” The two then searched for Geno, eventually coming to a huge castle. “The GPS says he’s in here. Come on, Sukotto.” Jakku said. Just as they were about to enter the castle, they heard an explosion from within the castle, following several Celestians fleeing. From within the fleeing people, they saw a Celestian run out with a sword in his hands screaming, “Everybody run! Doom’s in there!” “That must be Geno! We have to help him!” said Sukotto. The two then ran over to him. “You’re Geno, right?” Jakku asked. “Yeah, I am. Why? Wait a second. You’re not Celestians. You’re Humans! You must be Sukotto and Jakku, right!” Geno exclaimed. “Yeah, we are. How did you…” Before Sukotto could finish his question, Geno answered. “Listen, we’re not safe here. Follow me, and I’ll explain everything.” The three then ran off into a cave, where he started explaining everything. “Doom is an evil Celestian that became corrupted after seeking to overthrow the King and control Radon. I know your names because there is a legend passed down by the Celestians, stating that two young warriors from Planet Earth will come and defeat him. You will need training with your new weapons, so let’s get started.” After they mastered their weapons, Xena walked into the cave. “Xena, what are you doing here!?!” the three asked. “Doom no longer wishes to control Radon. He now wishes to destroy the entire Universe! I have come to help Sukotto and Jakku on their journey. They will need the assistance of the Scepter of the Elements.” Xena replied. “I see. Warriors of Legend, the Scepter of the Elements is located in the Royal Barracks. I’ll mark the location on your GPS. Xena, help them on their way." Geno said. “Got it! Come on, let’s go.” Xena told them.

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