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It was the first day of school. "I don't want to go back to school yet." Sukotto complained. "Me neither, but unless something happens, we have to go. And since nothing is going to happen, suck it up." Jakku stated. When they got to school, they realized all the doors were locked. "That's wierd. Hey, I'll go check the other entrances and see if they're open." Sukotto told Jakku. At this point, the player gains control of Sukotto and gets familiar with the controls. After all the doors are checked, Sukotto and Jakku meet up again. "So, I guess we have to go home." Jakku said. While they were walking home, they realized something unusual. "Hey, Sukotto. Where is everybody. I mean, the road, it doesn't have any cars on it." "Yeah, I noticed it too, but it's probably nothing. Let's just go home." When they got to there houses, they realized that their families were gone too. Sukotto then called Jakku, telling him to meet back at school. "Sukotto, are your families gone too?" "Yeah, any idea where anybody is?" "Yes, I do." a voice from behind answered. They turned around and saw a mysterious figure. "My name is Xena." she told them. "Who...what are you, and where is everyone?" Sukotto asked. Xena answered, "I am a Celestian from Radon, a planet many galaxies away from your planet." "What are you doing here?" Jakku asked. "I am here to help you on your quest." "What are you talking about?" Sukotto asked. "To rescue the humans and save your planet. But to do so, you'll need these." She held out her hands, and two swords and two shields appeared. "These are for the Warriors of Legend. Please exept them." "Warriors of Legend?" Sukotto and Jakku asked. "I will fill you in on the details later. We must leave now." Xena said. "Go where!?! I'm tired of these questions!" Sukotto exclaimed. "We are going to Radon." As she said that, she summoned a portal to Radon. "Follow me." Xena then went into the portal, and the two soon followed. "Let the adventure begin." said Xena.

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