Legendary Stories: The Dragon and The Princess

One day a Dragon named Killvion was lonely in a Kingdom called Legendary Kingdom. That Dragon saw many other Dragons have love with each other. He saw his brother Sliverstone, have a beautiful Dragon named Diamondaffodil. He saw his cousin Firegems, with a Pink and Black Dragon named Beloverary. But Killvion was with no one...

Killivon: I am a Stupid Dragon.

Queen Of Legendary Kindom: True That!

The Dragons laugh and crack up.

Killivon: Why are you guys so mean to me? Why?

King Of Legendary Kingdom: Because you are a lonely Brat with an Ugly Face!

Killvion: I am going to leave now! (He blows out fire around him.)

Dragons: Uh Oh! (Sceams and Runs)

Killvion flies away.

Killivon Sings: When I leave Legendary Kingdom i will have a new life! Maybe with weird people or Stinky, I don't care as long as there nice! I will believe this year and time i will find..Love!(End Of Song)

Killvion lands in the middle of Moonview City.

Killvion: Home Sweet Home!

People: A monster AHHHHHHHHHH!!

Killvion: I won't hurt you!

People Stare.

A man: He talks too! AHHHHHHHHH!!!


Killvon's stomach rumbles.

Killvion: I am hungry! Ooh, maybe i can eat somewhere around here!

Killvion goes to Mc Donald's.


Mc. Donald Worker: Your...Your a.. Monster! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES PEOPLE!

People runs and scearms.

Killvion: I am just hungry. I won't hurt-... What am i doing? I forgot people were scared of Dragons!

Killvion exits Mc. Donald's sad and dissopointed.

Soon he sees a tall beautiful Castle!

Killivon: Should I go.. no.. HERE I GO!

See Part 2 on 12/22/11. Don't miss the legend!

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