This Company Recruits!
If you are interested in the company, please contact the director of the company.
 Legendary Fire Frogs is a company made by Ice (tbc), Random (tbc), and Ender (tbc). In this company not ONLY do they create pages, but they also literally make them in Minecraft. They make minigames and sometimes full games in the Memecraft server, as well as Wes's server. 
Legendary Fire Frogs


Name Join Date First Game Latest Game
Ice (tbc) February 1, 2015 Crafty Party UNNANNOUNCED PROJECT
Random (tbc) February 1, 2015 Crafty Party Five Nights at Fantendos
Ender (tbc) February 1, 2015 Crafty Party Super Smash Bros. Elements
Indigo (tbc) February 1, 2015 ? ?
Goomy (tbc) February 14, 2015 Craft Fighter Craft Fighter
Luke (tbc) February 19, 2015 ? ?
Tommy (tbc) February 23, 2015 ? ?
Dark (tbc) March 16, 2015 Buildoff Buildoff


Name Description Workers
Crafty Party A fun new unique Mario Party that has gone into a different dimension-- The Craft Dimension. Ice (tbc)Random (tbc)

Ender (tbc)

Five Nights at Fantendos In a club called "The Fantendo Club" Fantendo characters come to life, not to bond but to kill. Ice (tbc)Random (tbc)
Craft Fighter A unique PvP game featuring a diverse cast of classes using Command Block magic. Claus (tbc)Ice (tbc)
Buildoff! A building game where a judge chooses a topic for up to 6 people to build! Dark (tbc)

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