Legendary Fighter is a new game created by Rockstar Deepakraj. It's an awesome upcoming fighting game. The story shows all on the Legendary Protagonist named Deepak who fights the each demons who are released by the evil mastermind demon, Dynamo.


Once, Deepak the Legendary Fighter shows his skills to Sensei - Sensei approved him to be his student. Then after that, the evil mastermind demon named Dynamo releases all of the demons from the Netherworld to defeat Deepak and his allies. Deepak once get this news and trains to defeat Dynamo and his demons. There will be extra Bosses too.

- Showed in Intro of the Game


Acts are the main chapters of the game. There are lots of acts in the game.


  • This game was delayed for half-year by User:Rockstar Deepakraj and it was not in work too. It was seemed that the work of the game has been stopped.
  • Then he decided to continue the game from February 13, 2016 by removing some contents and making new features to be added up soon.

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