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The legend of Zelda Sages spirits 

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The Legend of Zelda Sages spirits is a new game for the Wii u set for release in summer 2015. the game includes the new world of torsencia and a new playable character, Amp. The game can have 4 players at the same time halfway through the story. To start with you have Link and Amp.


The game starts with a story set 1000 years back of a evil king who tried to take the triforce but was stopped by The Hero of Time. The game then flashes to Link talking to Zelda about how her father is currently fighting a strange force called The Parasites. Suddenly Amp runs in and informs Zelda that her father is dead and that they must go to torsenica mountain immediately on Flaranjas ( new mounts that are large birds.)

Once they get to the mountain summit, they find 3 golden weapons: a golden sword, a golden bow with a quiver filled with arrows and a golden book. Link picks up the sword, Amp picks up the bow and arrows and Zelda picks up the book. Almost immediately two monsters come and take Zelda and four try and attack the men. Once they have been defeated, a Goron dressed in a Golden robe appears and informs them that he is the sage of the triforce and that the golden weapons are the 3 sacred weapons. He tells them that they must give 6 people who help them on their journey a bracelet related to the area that they live in. He then tells them that they must

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