The Legend of Zelda: Triforce
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Developer(s) Dark Flame Studios 5
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Platform(s) WiiU, NX, Visus Sphere
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OFLC M rating
Genre(s) Action, Adventure
Series Legend of Zelda
Predecessor Legend of Zelda: A Link between Realms
 The Legend of Zelda: Triforce is an upcoming Legend of Zelda game for the Wii U, it focuses once again on the hero Link on his quest to save the Princess Zelda and the kingdom of Hyrule from the vile clutches of the demonic Beast, Ganon. Like the Legend of Zelda Wii U, this game focuses on exploration rewarding the player with miniature dungeons which hold rewards within varying from Rupees to Ammo Pouches. The game has not yet had its exact place on the timeline announced however has been stated to take place during the Child Timeline.


Much like other 3D Legend of Zelda games, Triforce has the player controlling from a third person perspective of the character Link. The player is able to Walk, Run and Sprint as well as later in the game obtains the ability to ride on Horseback & other creatures. Link is also able to roll which can destroy small rocks and knock objects out of trees, crawl allowing him to get into narrow or small passageways and climb up ropes, ladders and vines.

In combat Link has his sword as well as up to four equippable weapons. When fighting players can use motion controls or standard controls. When using motion controls there are several movements that indicate different attacks, the directional slashes retain the exact same movements from Skyward Sword in which the player strikes the slash in its direction. The stabbing technique still remains in the game although due to its sometimes difficult nature to pull off it deals 1.5x more damage now than the slashes, stabbing requires the player to have the controller face the screen the pull the controller back and stab straight forward. Aside from these attacks, Spin attacks are now found in three ways, one is the classical area sweeping  which involves the controller being shaken from left to right and back again in quick succession, the vertical spin attack also returns requiring the user to shake the controller up and down repeatedly. Lastly the new Spin Attack called the Stabbing Spin Attack requires the player to form a circle like motion with the controller while having it face the screen, this causes Link to perform what initially looks looks like a downward slash although arcs to the right and then stabs into the target, it is noticeable that when the stabbing motion occurs, Link can visibly be seen twisting the sword allowing it to deal more damage.

With regular non-motion controls Link attacks with the B Button on the controller and while perform all eight slashes in clockwise order, stabbing is only used where the opponent requires stabbing to be defeated such as a Beamos. Spin Attacks require the player to hold B to charge, if the player does nothing with the Joystick on the Nunchuck the Spin Attack is a standard Sweeper Spin Attack, if the joystick is moved up and down it performs the Vertical Spin Attack and by pressing in on the Joystick causes Link to perform the Stabbing Spin Attack.

Link can attach up to four weapons from his arsenal which each can be accessed by the directional buttons on the directional pad. When equipped there are four loops on Link's belt which each item (except significantly large items) are attached too, from here Link is shown to be able to detach the Weapon from its loop and wield it. The only weapon that has a specific change to this is the Double Claw Shot which takes up the Left and Right Directional Pad buttons when equipped with each clawshot being able to be equipped seperately. Interestingly the hand Link holds a weapon (except the Double Claw Shot, Bombchu, Big Bomb & Giant Hammer since he wields in in both hands) is dependent on its assigned directional pad. Items assigned to the left or up directional pad are wielded with his left arm while weapons assigned to the right or down directional pad are wielded by his right arm.

On horseback Link can only use certain items, other items are simply greyed out when assigned a slot. Like previous Zelda Games the Bow is able to be used on horseback as well as the Rods and a few other weapons.


Link, a young farm hand on Talon's farm is found by Igno sleeping, ordering him to wake up as they have a busy day ahead of them, Link begrudginly gets out of bed and attempts to leave the building he's in however Igno tells him that he can't go out in his pajamas. Link then realizes he's still in his pajamas and promptly changes into his farm hand attire (note: the farm hand attire does not look like the hero's tunic). The two head out and Igno asks Link why he wanted to be a farm hand, Link merely shrugs and Igno continues stating that he wishes Link would talk sometimes as he has always wondered how Link is able to get anyone to do anything without talking. Link stops for a moment and notices a Cuccoo hiding underneath one of the crates, he picks up the bird to Igno's surprise, explaining that there had been a few that escaped last night but he never found them all, he asks Link to help him find the rest before Talon finds out, Link nods in agreement.

After helping Igno find all but one of the Cuccoos he explains how he thought he heard one near the Tower near the edge of the farm but couldn't get in. Link goes and finds the key and he and Igno look within the tower to find a large hole in the ground. Igno ponders on why there was a hole in the tower and Link looks over and sees the skeleton of a fallen warrior. Just as Igno goes to peer into the hole a Keese flies out and makes Igno lose his stepping, falling into the hole. Quickly thinking Link jumps in after him grabbing the Sword from the fallen soldier. Falling into the pit Link finds himself following a trail of Ingo's sash, eventually he finds Ingo being held captive by the Moblin King. With the items he has gained in the cave Link battles the fierce giant and ultimately defeats the Moblin King forcing his remaining subjects to flee the cave through another exit. Link helps the unconcious Igno out of the Cave and back to the farm. Igno explains how he had grabbed a note from the Moblin King that was a set of instructions to capture Link and dispose of anyone who tried to rescue him. Igno smiled and was explained he was relieved that they mistook him for Link since he didn't believe he could stand up to such fierce creatures.

Talon then greets Link and Igno and asks Igno what happened to him, to which Igno explains about the cave underneath the Tower. Talon surprised by this discovery asks Link to report the incident to the Princess of Hyrule, Zelda. He tells Link that Hyrule Castle is to the north of the farm and Link should stop by Dimanji Village to stock up before leaving, he also gives Link one of the horses from the field, named Epona, he explains that this news of monsters being so close to the inhabited regions of Hyrule cannot go unnoticed. Link gets on Epona and rides off.

Link and Epona visit Dimanji village and find it under attack from more Moblins, Link dispatches the creatures from  the village and defeats on of the largest ones slaying him in the Village's centre. After the rest of the Moblins flee, the villagers come out and celebrate Link's bravery in the face of the monsters, the leader of the village asks Link why he had come to Dimanji Village and Link shows the Village Leader the note to the Moblin King. The Village Leader, surprised by this turn of events gives Link a map of Hyrule Field explaining that it will help him reach Castle Town to warn the Princess.

Link then rides further northward to Castle Town, once inside he sees just how large Castle Town is and after visiting a Tavern that Talon recommended Link visit he meets up with Malon who explains to Link how to get to Hyrule Castle and what he can find around Castle Town. Link then heads to Hyrule Castle, finding it in a lockdown, he sneaks around the back and past many guards eventually ascending Zelda's Tower finding her talking to Impa, who notices Link and demands to know how Link got into the Castle and why he was here. Link hands Zelda and Impa the note to Zelda's surprise she explains how the had suspected the creatures of the land were beggining to revolt. She notices the inscription at the bottom of the Letter and takes out a letter from one of her drawers. The signature is the same on both and she explains how the letter she had was a threat to the King of Hyrule from Ganondorf. She continues believing that Ganondorf may have returned to Hyrule and is planning a hostile invasion. She requests Link to seek out the six pendants of the races which will allow him to find the blade of Evil's Bane so he can disperse the greater evils of Ganondorf's army. She gives Link one of the Pendants, the Pendant of Hylia and bids Link farewell and good luck on his quest. Impa explains how there are five other pendants that Link will find in the temples of the five other races and directs Link out of Castle Town warning him that the road ahead will be dangerous and filled with monsters of all kinds but she believes that Link's determination and courage will allow him to conquer and defeat Ganondorf.

(the following Paragraphs can occur in any order and it up to the player to decide, based on the general choice of dungeons in previous Legend of Zelda games the classical order for these dungeons is Deku, Goron, Zora, Shiekah & Gerudo). It should also be noted that Link will recieve a different Tunic from the Deku, Goron & Zoras that will help Link access or work his way through their respective Temples (there are a further three more tunics found in Goron, Zora & Gerudo Temple necessary for navigation of normally inaccessible areas).

Deku Temple

Link along with Epona are seen approaching the borderline of the Lost Woods, they meet up with a small Deku who jumps out of the ground surprised to see a Hylian. He asks Link why Link had come to the Lost Woods and Link shows the Deku the Pendant of Hylia, the Deku is surprised to see the Pendant and explains how their leader, the Great Deku Tree has one similar to that, he continues explaining that the Great Deku Tree told of a legend where the Pendants were used to seal away a hidden weapon of uncomprehendible power, he believes the weapon is meant to bring Peace to all races of Hyrule who unite under its shining light. He takes Link into the Lost Woods and explains that he will meet Link on the other side, the only way for Link to find his way through however is to follow the Beetle, Link ventures into the Lost Woods Maze and follows a small Red Beetle eventually reaching the Deku Village.

Upon arrival Link is surrounded by many Deku who point long wooden spears at him, believing him to be a hostile creature, however just before they attack, the Deku Link met at the entrance appears and tells them to leave Link alone as he was not harmful to them. The Dekus lower their spears and walk away, the leader of the Deku Spear Warriors approaches Link and asks why he had come to the Deku Village, the Friendly Deku explains that Link must seek out the Pendant of the Great Deku Tree as it is part of his quest to stop an Evil. The Deku Warrior explains to Link that the Deku Tree has sensed a great evil lurking within the Temple of the Deku people, a temple they once prayed at to bring prosperity and growth to the Lost Woods, however it had been taken over by a mysterious Plant-Like Creature, he continues explaining that the Great Deku Tree has sealed himself away and won't let anyone even the Deku People see him.

The Deku Warrior requests Link go into the Deep Lost Woods and seek out and destroy the evil lurking in their Temple. Link agrees and is directed to the entry to Deep Lost Woods, the Deku Warrior explains how Link must follow the Dragonfly this time, he also present Link with the Deku Tunic which he explains to Link is made with enhanced Deku Leaves intertwined into its exterior making it allow Link to move more quickly. Link following the Blue Dragonfly in the Deep Lost Woods eventually comes upon the Deku Temple and finds it is overrun with creatures of evil intent.

He enters and find the place has many trees within and natural light filtering from holes in the ceiling. After ascending to the top of the Temple to find a gear system that opens up the catacombs beneath Link eventually recovers the lost piece of the gear System which opens up the room the Deku's describe as the Shrine of the Sapling. Link finds a deadly Rose like creature within that Link fights against and utilizes the Hookshot & Shovel to defeat the creature by uprooting it and removing its gelatonous core. Link returns to the elated Deku people who tell Link that the Great Deku Tree has finally re-opened its meadow and has requested to see Link. Link heads to the Great Deku Tree who thanks Link for saving his people, continuing on stating that the creature had been planted into the Temple by the evil Ganondorf, he states that he understands Link's quest to save Hyrule from Ganondorf much like the Heroes of Past and gives Link the Pendant of the Great Deku Tree and bids Link good luck on his quest.

Goron Temple

Link on his journey to recover the other pendants finds that one is found deep within Death Mountain with the Rocky Gorons. He travels to Metandor Village where he encounters Igno again who asks Link why he didn't return to the farm, Link shows Igno the Pendant of Hylia and attracts the attention of a Goron in the Village who walks over, Igno asks what relevance the Pendant has to Link not returning however the Goron intrudes and explains to Igno that it is the Pendant of Hylia, an ancient artifact intended to keep a weapon of immense power sealed away. The Goron continues explaining that he has researched about the Pendants noting there is one for the six major races, he then bows to Link stating that the only way Link could have obtained such as Pendant was from the Princess of Hyrule herself meaning he must have been noticed by her for being extremely courageous. Igno recalls how Link had previously saved him and continues by stating that he will return to the farm and tell Talon of Link's journey and promptly leaves.

The Goron tells Link that its name is Danador and that he frequently makes expiditions to the Goron Temple to find ancient messages left by the Goron Ancestors. He tells Link that he will show Link the path up Death Mountain and makes a note on Link's Map, he then runs off telling Link that the hero must stay strong and brave. Link then begins his ascent up the dangerous Death Mountain. He eventually reaches a Dead End however, although just he was going to turn back Danador appears above the cliff Link is at and explains that there is a cavern that leads up to where he was at, then looks down at cliff side and notes that a rock slide has sealed the entrance, he recommends Link use Bombs to remove the rubble and continue traversing upwards.

Eventually navigating his way through the coiling tunnels of the multi leveled caverns, Link reaches the Goron Village and is greated by Danador, a large Goron and the Goron King. The Large Goron introduces himself as Drenoda and the Goron King as Dargonargo. The Goron King tells Link about how Danador explained Link's situation to him and was honoured to have one going on such as noble quest in the presence of his village. He continues to state however that there had been a betrayal recently before Link arrived as Dargonargo explains that Drenoda's twin brother Donerda had been influenced by Ganondorf's evil magic and stole the Pendant of the Gorons and hid it deep within the Goron Temple leaving it to a dangerous beast within. He tells Link that the Pendant is his if he dares face the monster within.

Link accepts the quest and heads to the Eastern Outpost where Danador bids him good luck and safety as well as presenting Link with the Goron Tunic, a decorated tunic with a fire-like pattern to it, Danador explains how using Din's Magic he was able to make it so that when Link wears the tunic his sword gains the attribute of Fire allowing him to light torches and melt Ice with a swing of his sword as well as light enemies on fire as evidenced by an ambush by several Moblins that Link fights off. Link then descends into the depths of the Goron Temple where he uses the Fire element given to him to navigate through an array of locked doors and then aquiring another Tunic allowing him to cross a field of fire previously blocking his path and lastly using the hammer deep within the Temple to break open the a hidden passageway that led Link to the monster's room, the Dodongo Slayer's Shrine. Link fights the tormented beast dealing significant amounts of damage to it with the use of the Fire Elemental and the Hammer, eventually completely crushing its skull causing the rest of its body to dissipate into a black mist before evaporating. Link walks over to a small lava pool that had hardened into Rock finding the Pendant lodged within, Link pulls the Pendant out and returns to the Goron Village, Dargonargo expresses his gratitude to Link for helping them restore their sacred grounds and tells Link that he is welcome to return any time and is an honourary brother of the Goron People. Link if sent on one farewell down the side of Death Mountain leading back to Metandor Village by a giant human sized wheel, on the way down he watches several Gorons rolling beside him at high speeds getting launched off of small ramps before Link himself is launched off of a particularly large ramp and lands directly in the middle of Metandor Village.

Zora Temple

Link travels to the Zora River where he is greeted by the Running Man, the Running Man explains to Link that he should watch out when going up to the Zora's Domain as there had been a kidnapping and the whole City is in uproar. Link heads onwards heeding the warning, he reaches a small bunch of mangroves on the forest that block his path, however upon inspection he encounters a large Frog, who asks Link what business he has traversing through the mangroves, Link holds up the Pendant of Hylia and the Frog gazes in awe. He states with grace that he has never seen an object with such a lustrous appearance and says that he can smell the soul of an object stating that the soul of the pendant is of a hero, he continues saying that he recalls smelling a similar soul from another pendant much like the Pednant of Hylia and asks Link if he is seeking out that pendant as well, Link nods and the Frog tells Link that he would gladly open the mangroves for Link allowing him to pass however his being of spirit was taken by Moblins into their camp and requests Link seek out the Moblins and dispose of them justly. Link agrees and searches the Mangroves until he finds the Moblin Camp with them feasting on an animals meat, he sees the bottole holding the Frog's being of spirit and sneaks around the camp grabbing the bottle.

However just as he begins to escape he is noticed by one of the Moblins and quickly a whole horde of them begin to chase Link who runs back towards the Frog, reaching the Frog he pops open the bottle and the Frog drinks the spirit and suddenly glows a strange blue colour and levitates, just as the Moblins are about to reach Link and the Frog, he raises his arm and a giant Mangrove shoots out of the river and sends nearly all of the Moblins into the air before summoning a storm of leaves and sending the leaves into the Moblins disposing of them. The remaining ones, realising the Frog's incredible Power retreat back into the depths of the mangroves and the Frog lowers the tree he created. Thankful for Link helping him, he uses his powers to manipulate several mangroves to form an opening for Link to pass through, the Frog bids Link farewell and hopes he finds what he was searching for as Link continues towards the Zora's Domain.

Link finally reaches the Zora Domain Entrance however it has been sealed with a giant stone monolith, Link looks around and sees a mark of the Triforce as well as an indentation on the wall next to the entrance, he presses the Pendant of Hylia into the indentation and the Triforce symbol glows and lowers the stone monolith revealing the entrance to the Zora's Domain. Just as Link finally gets inside he is captured by several Zora Warriors believing him to be a bandit. They lock him in a jail within the nearby Zora Village however Link finds underneath one of the beds in his cell a Zora Tunic that allowed him to swim out of the Jail by a weakened part of the wall, he followed the partly Sunken path and along the way recovered his items from the various spots they had been taken to.

Link then enters the Zora City and finds the place is heavily patrolled by guards, Link sneaks around and eventually finds his way into their palace. He continues searching for a way out since the entrance was blocked by guards although is seen by the Zora King, he demands to know why Link had dared show his presence in the Zora's Domain, Link approached the Zora King and showed him the Pendant of Hylia, the King surprised by its appearance understands why Link has come and continues by explaining that his arrival was no accident, the King understood that Link had come for the Pendant of the Zora and told him that the whole reason why the Zora's Domain was in lockdown was because the Pendant of the Zora and the Princess of the Zora had been taken by the evil Ganondorf and sealed deep within the Zora Temple a place where the Princess would once pray to their deity, Lord Jabu-Jabu. He explains that any Zora that has ventured into the Temple has been unsuccessful although the King believes Link has the potential to save the Zora's Royal Heir and Pendant and requests that Link go to the Zora Temple and find them both, he then tells the guards to cease the lockdown and to let Link pass.

Link continues and goes to the Zora Temple where he finds many different rooms which have been partly flooded. Link finds the Book of Magic part way through that allows him to tilt the Temple onto one of its four sides. Using this ability he finds several items to help him including the Zora Flippers, Aquatic Tunic and Zora Scale allowing him to be able to dive to the deepest levels. Eventually after finding the secret passage for him to reach the Skeleton of Lord Jabu-Jabu he encounters the Princess who is binded with shadowy shackles to her body that appear to be controlling her, Link engages in battle with her and has to use a combination of the Book of Magic and swimming to defeat her, once the five shackles have been broken the Princess is freed and Link finds the Pendant embedded in her Tiara, he takes the Princess back to the Zora King by the secret exit of Lord Jabu-Jabu's Monumet. The Zora King, elated to see his daughter is safe thanks Link and tells him to keep the Pendant of the Zora as he believes that with it Link will be able to conquer and challenge he may face, Princess Soralia regains conciousness and thanks Link for freeing her from the evil that had binded her there and bids Link farewell and safe travels.

Shiekah Temple

Link heads far south to a giant Stone wall connected by two Mountain Ranges, he goes up to a large metal door on the wall and sees a Hylian Soldier above the door who yells out to Link asking him what reason he has for coming to Kakariko City, Link holds up the Pendant of Hylia and the Soldier looks confused, however a Shiekah Warrior passing by the soldier notices Link and the Pendant and tells the Soldier to open the door as Link was on a quest from the Princess herself. The Soldier and Shiekah Warrior greet Link and the Shiekah apologizes for the Soldier's misunderstanding explaining that he was not told of the legend of the fateful day. She tells Link that in Kakariko City there once was a Pendant of the Shiekah in the City that held great significance however a thief a long time ago stole it and was chased down by Shiekah Warriors into the Shiekah Temple, however upon finding him they could not find the Pendant, she explains how if Link hopes to find the Pendant he must look in the Temple. Although she explains that it had also become overriden with monsters such that they sealed the Temple, continuing she tells Link that he must seek the symbol of the world within the Dawn Temple, an underground labyrinth of a temple that would test Link's knowledge.

Link reaches the Dawn Temple and travels deep into the mysterious Temple, strangely he finds there are no monsters inhabiting it and that he is in complete isolation while within. Eventually Link finds a giant stone symbol of the Triforce on the floor along with a statue of a goddess. Link stands in the middle of the Triforce Symbol which glows Golden, it then flashes and a purple ray of light shoots out from the main steeple of the Temple and flies over to the Shiekah Temple opening its doors. Link exits the Temple and sees several Shiekah Warriors gathered around the Shiekah Temple fighting off the monsters from within. Link goes over and helps them dispatch the remaining monsters who flee back into the Temple. The Shiekah Warrior, Link met earlier explains to Link that now is the time he must seek out the pendant as if there is another attack the city will be in danger. Link ventures into the depths of the Shiekah Temple.

Finding the Cane of Somaria within the Temple Link is able to access new areas of the Temple through the ability to magically create blocks, he also gains the Whip which allows him to traverse the multiple levels due to the degraded state of the Temple, gaining the Bow Link is able to access new areas through secret switches on the walls although despite finding the Boss' Lair he finds that the switch to open the final lock on the door is out of the Bow's range, continuing his search he comes upon the Sniper Shooter, a Long-Range Slingshot that allowed Link to open the final door as well as help him escape a room he becomes trapped in, where he makes use of each item to escape. Finally entering the room he finds he is in a large burrow, upon walking past a giant apparently dead centipede-like creature, the monster arises and reveals itself. Link, using the combination of the various items is able to conquer Gohma even when it tries to get out of Link's range and move to other burrows.

Link returns out of the Shiekah Temple, the Shiekah Warrior walks up to Link and thanks him, surprised that Link did not find the Pendant of the Shiekah asks Link if he had seen it although Link shakes his head. The Shiekah Warrior then notices something on the inside of one of the doors, she walks over and plucks it out of the Doorway, she reveals that it is with in fact the Pendant of the Shiekah and realises how clever the thief must have been as to hide it in plain sight when the Warriors chased him and that instead of hiding with a beast of great power he hid it somewhere that one would not normally look. She hands Link the pendant and bids him farewell, reminding him to keep his wits about him.

Gerudo Temple

link travels to the west and finds the gate that separates the gerudo's territory from the rest of Hyrule, approaching it he sees an encampment and investigates finding many Hylian guards. link heads to the main tent of the encampment although is halted by several guards who ask what Link's business as the Gerudo's Gate is. Before Link is able to answer, Impa walks over from a nearby tent and tells the guards to let Link through as he is on an Important quest from the Princess. The guards, understanding the importance of such a request tell the guards within the main tent to let Link into the Gerudo's territory.

Upon entering Link finds himself in a vastly different area to the wasteland he was in previously, now in an desert oasis of sorts he sees that there are palm trees growing all around and a powerful, flowing river gushing down to the south-west. Link approaches the bridge and sees a giant statue of a mysterious man clad in desert robes. As he approaches the statue the Triforce Symbol on the ensignia of the statue glows and the statue begins to rumble, it slowly edges back and reveals a hidden passage beneath it. Link looks beyond the statue to see that it is the only path as a landslide blocks what is past the statue. Link heads underneath the statue and finds an underground tunnel, navigating his way through he is ambushed by Gerudo women who pin him against a wall, they knock him out and take him to their hidden outpost. Link wakes up and finds himself in a jail cell, escaping the Jail Cell he watches one of the Gerudo's who is dressed in elegant clothing with complex patterns decorating the dress walk into one of the buildings of the outpost.

Sneaking around and reaching the building Link finds the Gerudo who saw Link's plan to find her and holds a Sword against his neck. Link shows the Gerudo the Pendant of Hylia and the woman drops her sword, taking the Pendant off of Link and over to her desk, she analyses the Pendant and comes back to Link and shows him a picture of another Pendant being held by a mighty Gerudo warrior and explains how their Pendant, the Pendant of the Gerudo is a sacred treasure and she understands Link's need for the Pendant as she has read about the evils Ganondorf had commited. She agrees to help Link by allowing him to leave and explains that their village is further North should Link need to resupply and tells Link that if he seeks the Pendant of the Gerudo that he should look for the Lost Desert, she then tosses Link the Pendant of Hylia back.

Link leaves the Gerudo Outpost and heads North going through a mysterious desert where a Poe guides him along a hidden path, eventually he reaches the village the Gerudo woman spoke of and is surprised to be greeted to welcomly, after being told by an elder of the village that she hopes Link can bring peace to the Gerudo people as Ganon had once promised but had only made the inequality of the groups of Gerudo people become even worse for all. Link nods in agreement and the Gerudo Elder gives Link the Gerudo's Pass which she tells Link will allow him to enter the Gerudo Fortress where the Gerudo Temple which is said to house the Pendant of the Gerudo is said to lay.

Link heads through the Lost Desert and eventually reaches the Gerudo Fortress showing one of its guards the pass, Link is permitted to enter. Here he is greeted by Ganondorf who is unaware of Link's true intention of being in the city believing him to be a wandering trader. He tells Link of the fine wares and products that Link could find in the Gerudo Fortress and tells him that while the hostile environment outside the Gerudo fortress is dangerous for some the environment within the Gerudo Fortress is quite forgiving.

Ganondorf is then called by one of his councellors to an important meeting and bids Link farewell telling him that he hopes they will meet again. Link nods hesitantly before looking throughout the Gerudo Fortress ascending and descending its multiple levels he eventually finds the Gerudo Temple and walks inside to find another statue of the man, he realises that it is Ganondorf this time as the Desert Robes do not obscure his face in this statue. Activating the Triforce symbol on this statue Link descends into the mysterious Gerudo Temple.

Link navigates the Temple finding many of his paths blocked by Electrical currents running through the floors and Electrical Walls making it impossible to pass through that path, he eventually finds the Spark Boomerang allowing him to short out  the Electrical Walls, he also later finds the Insulation Tunic allowing him to absorb the Electricity of the Floors without recieving Electrical jolts. Navigating his way deeper into the complex he reaches the bottom level where he finds the Pendant of the Gerudo however just as he is about to grab it Goromai an assassin who protects the Pendant swipes it away telling Link to leave as he has no business with the pendant however as Link draws his sword the two engage in battle. Using the Insulation Tunic to absorb the electricity of Goromai's Scimitars and the Spark Boomerang to activate various traps in the room to disarm her Link eventually prevails defeating the assassin revealing her to actually be a monster after which Goromai dissipates away.

Link claims the Pendant of the Gerudo and leaves the temple resealing the Statue and leaving the Gerudo Fortress although on his departure he again encounters Ganondorf who asks him if Link had found what he was looking for (not realising Link's true reasons for being in the Gerudo Fortress), Link nods and Ganondorf is pleased telling Link that if he encounters any of his wandering merchant companions to tell them about the Gerudo Fortress.

Link departs the Gerudo Fortress and heads back out the the encampment being greeted by Impa who asks Link if he had obtained the Pendant of the Gerudo, Link holds up the pendant and Impa is glad to see Link was able to find it, the Gerudo that Link encountered at the outpost also shows up telling Link that she feels as though Link had weakened Ganondorf's grip on the Gerudo people after he took the Pendant and thanks Link and hopes his endeavours prove fruitful.

Temple of Time

(This following section is only available after collecting all six Pendants from the various races across Hyrule)

Link heads back to Castle Town and is greeted by Impa who tells Link to meet follow her and the two head to Hyrule Castle where Zelda had been awaiting Link's return. She asks Link if he has found all the Pendants and Link nods taking the six pendants out and holding them in his hands. She explains to Link that he must now face the Temple of Time's trials and by activating the various pillars the Pendants slot into will Link be able to access the Master Sword. She tells Link that after the attacks Ganondorf had caused during the War of Time & Twilight War that the Temple of Time had to be moved away from Castle Town and tells Link that he must go to Kakariko City.

Link heads off back to Kakariko City and finds the Temple of Time's doors are shut tight however notices an inscription on the middle of the doors that states "Those who seek to enter this place of Time must seek the symbol of the Godesses", Link looks around and sees that there is a Large Triange shape directly in front of the two doors. He realizes that it is likely the top of the Triforce. He suddenly recieves a telepathic message from Zelda who tells him that if he wishes to open the Temple of Time he must find the three pieces of the Triforce and show their component of the Triforce, being Power, Courage & Wisdom respectively, continuing telling Link that Power is the top of the Triforce, Wisdom is the Left and Courage is the Right. Link activates the Triforce of Power's symbol by thrusting his sword into the ground causing the symbol to glow, Link then continues to go around the Temple of Time finding several pieces of glass that when Link pushes together form another part of the triforce, the Triforce of Wisdom, the third piece, the Triforce of Courage's symbol has Link see a giant Statue near it with a Hammer raised above its head, Link stands within the triangle and the statue suddenly activates swinging its hammer down, Link seeing that he cannot escape the triangle notices a small indentation in the hammer of the statue. Link thrusts his sword upwards and the statue stops just as the Hammer is about to hit Link. The statue shakes for a few seconds and then explodes activating the Triforce of Courage's symbol. After all three symbols are activated the Doors to the Temple of Time open and Link heads in.

Link finds that the area is split up into seven rooms, six of which have the pendant's symbols on them and the seventh having the Triforce Symbol on it. Link heads into each of the rooms with the pendant symbols on it and after conquering a small section, reminiscent of the Temple he went through to obtain that Pendant (in the Pendant of Hylia's case it is similar to the Fallen Cave). Link activates each of the statues at the end of each room by slotting each pendant into place. After all six are slotted into place the seventh door opens and all the pendants return to Link. Entering deeper into the Temple he realises it is the main section. After navigating through finding the Iron Boots so that he can pass through a chasm room with several wind fans blowing through as well as being able to activate several heavy switches. He also gains the Lens of Truth allowing him to see hidden rooms which when he finds the Great Lamp allows him to permanently illuminate the hidden rooms. Before he enters the boss' room he hears a voice telling him to think about his surroundings as it will be his only way to defeat the monster within, the voice reveals itself to be the goddess Nayru who tells Link that she knows of his quest and tells him that a great evil will blanket the land regardless of Link's choices however only he can cast away the evil and return the land to its former grace.

Link enters the room and finds a giant mechanical guard, named Voltastag on a platform held up by chains, throughout the battle, Link must get the Voltastag to cut the chains with his giant swords lowering the platform down the pit it was held above. falling into a pool of lava, Link must then use the Iron Boots to tilt the platform to crash into rocks so that Voltastag loses its balance. However Voltastag reveals its ability to turn invisible forcing Link to reveal it with the Lens of Truth and then attack it. Once defeated the pool of lava solidifies and Link approaches a mysterious room, entering he finds the room is covered in a thin layer of water atop a reflective mirror, in the center, the Master Sword. Link approaches the blade and the Pendants float around Link and the Master Sword each one turning into a glowing energy before diving into the Master Sword causing the crystal on its hilt to glow. Link pulls the Master Sword out of the pedestal and raises it above his head. A portal then appears and Link exits the Temple of Time and suddenly is teleported to another realm, here he sees the three godesses who look down to him, putting their hands out they give Link a piece of the Triforce of Courage and then return Link to the Temple of Time.

Exiting the Temple of Time Link is told by Impa that with the Master Sword he will be able to stop Ganondorf's Evil. Suddenly a courier appears and gives Impa a letter, Impa reads through the letter and then pauses, after putting the letter away she tells Link they must hurry back to Hyrule Castle immediately. Once they return they see many Soldiers standing outside its front gate and Zelda atop the front wall of the castle. Impa explains to Link that Ganondorf's army is gathering in Hyrule Field and the battle to determine the fate of Hyrule is about to begin. Link looks to the other side of the hill they were standing on and sees the approaching army; Moblins, Bokoblins, Stalfos, Redead, Keese, Achemen, Dairas, Fokkai, Iron Knuckles, Darknut & Lizalfos. The two armies prepare to engage. Ganondorf approaches Link and Impa and tells Link that he is dissapointed that Link stole the Pendant of the Gerudo from him and that he left Goramai for dead, he then tells Link that he will make Link suffer a fate worse than death and then returns to his army.

Link and Impa head to the front of their army and the entire field goes quiet, then one of Ganondrof's Moblins raises a battle horn up and releases an earth-shaking bellow. The two armies then charge into battle, fiercly fighting each other of the claim to Hyrule. Link in hte midst of battle sees Ganondorf and charges for him, chasing him out of the crowd of fighters the two head off towards Death Mountain, Link shoots Ganondorf's horse down and the Prince of Evil falls to the ground swifty getting up. He challenges Link to a duel closing the two of them off in a magical barrier. The two engage in a sword fight and through most of of the fight Ganondorf remains in control however after Zelda pierces the barrier with the Light Arrow shooting Ganondorf through the leg, Link is able to take control of the battle eventually piercing Master Sword through Ganondorf's Heart. Ganondorf kneels and coughs up some blood before laughing, telling Link that he missed, removing his cloak to reveal a large glowing wound on his chest, he suddenly disappears leaving the Master Sword to crash to the ground beside Link. Zelda runs over to Link and helps him up, suddenly a giant bolt of Lightning strikes Hyrule Castle and Link and Zelda watch as the castle begins to morph and change into a much more sinister appearance, becoming Ganon's Castle.

Zelda tells Link that the battle is over and that she must go into hiding, she tells Link that if Ganondorf finds her then he will be able to claim the Triforce of Wisdom. She tells Link that after the last hero who defeated Ganondorf passed away Hyrule split the Triforce of Courage into six pieces that would remain hidden from all those who seeked them. Zelda tells Link that he must go and find the five missing pieces and restore the Triforce of Courage, only then will Link be able to again face Ganondorf in his Castle.

(The following Paragraphs can occur in any order and is up to the player to decide, the standard method of traversing these dungeons is Forest, Fire, Water, Shadow & Desert)

Forest Temple

Link venturung out from into Hyrule field, finds it has become distorted and twisted with giant jutting spikes of rocks coming out of the ground and parts of the land forming giant waves. Link is suddenly greeted by Igno who asks for Link to come help him at the Farm as mysterious creatures have attacked it. Link goes with Igno to investigate finding Poes are scaring the cattle forcing them to charge around the field. Igno notices Link's Bow and suggests that he use the Bow to stop the Poes, Link finds a vantage point while dodging the herds of cattle and one by one shoots the Poes causing them to vaporize, settling the cows.

Igno thanks Link and explains that unfortunately during the scuffle Epona had run off and he doubts that Link's whistle will be able to call her back as Igno had tried himself. He then asks Link where he is planning to go and Link shows the map pointing at the Deku Forest, Igno comments questioning why Link needed to return there after getting the Pendant to which Link turns and runs, leaving Igno in confusion.

upon arriving back in the Deku Forest, Link meets up with the Great Deku Tree who already knew why Link had returned and explained that there is another hero who will help Link, telling Link to head into the Lost Woods again and follow the Spirit of the Woods to find the Children who never age. Link heads back into the forest to find a dark silhouette standing above one of the trees, the silhouette tells Link that he must solve several riddles given to him to find the Children who never age, Link does so by looking at the different exits and which one the riddles refer to. Eventually Link progresses through and finds himself in Kokori Village, the Kokori suddenly appear from their houses and ask Link how he could've possibly found his way into their Village, the spirit suddenly appears again this time now visible as a green Aura around another Kokori, the spirit explains how Link must venture into the Forest Temple to retrieve a piece of the Triforce within, the Kokori then look at each other in confusion, asking the spirit and Link where the Forest Temple is, Link is a bit off put by this and the Spirit, slightly annoyed at the Kokori explains that Link will be able to find it, but they must allow him passage into all of the Kokori's land. Suddenly a trembling sound is heard in the distance, Link looks up to see a giant Rocky Spikes jutting out from a giant Kokori house in the distance, he watches as vines rapidly grow all over the Spikes and holes and caverns form a giant maze like path within the spikes.

One of the Kokori exclaims in fear that the King of the Kokori will be furious, Link then runs towards the giant Kokori House, to find it is actually a palace. Upon entering he is halted by guards who ask why he is here, however they are told to stand down as a rather short Kokori dressed in a royal robe enters, asking Link if he had caused the giant spikes to protude from the ground, Link shakes his head and the Kokori then reveals that he is the King, explaining that his subjects have prospered on the land because of his guidance and that this sudden turn of events has allowed evil creatures from the Lost Woods to seep into the Spikes, suddenly another tremor and a new spike erupts from the ground directly where the King's throne was, much to the King's dismay, this Spike creates a Doorway out of its Rock and the plant matter from the King's Palace begins to rapidly grow around this spike creating many pathways. The King notices an inscription on the entrance, in Kokori that reads "The Forest Temple", the King asks Link if there is someway that Link can get rid of the spikes, to which Link nods, the King, elated by this news insists that Link get right to doing whatever Link plans to do and permits Link entrance into the Forest Temple.

Initially Link finds that the Temple is very restrictive as his Hookshot isn't long enough to reach many of the Grapple Points and there are many gusts of wind that are too weak to carry Link across gaps. Link eventually stumbles upon Bombchus which when he uses them to destroy one of the Spikes it reveals an underground component to the Temple, traversing through the underground section, Link finds the Cyclonic Rod & Longshot allowing Link to access the other Spikes and find more underground sections. Eventually Link makes it all the way through until he is able to descend to the depths of the Central Spike, upon reaching the bottom, Link finds that the the Triforce Shard is not on a Pedestal of Hylia, however looking above him, Link sees where it is, wrapped around a giant serpent creature that darts down at Link, forcing him to dodge and destroying the ground beneath them, they fall to a lower level, Link engages the serpent and uses the Longshot and Bombchus in combination to damage the serpent and everytime it destroys a floor Link uses the Cyclonic Rod to push the serpent away from him. Eventually after reaching the very bottom level Link defeat the serpent which attempts to burrow away however explodes before escaping letting the Triforce Shard descend down to Link and also creating a Stairway back out.

Link heads out to see the Kokori King who has changed his mind about the Spikes and believes they give him a sense of power, telling Link not to worry about destroying them completely as he has guards sealing all other entrances to the Forest Temple. Link thanks the King and the Spirit of the Woods before heading off in search of the next piece of the Triforce.

Fire Temple

Returning to the Goroh Village, link finds another spirit who is watching Link high above the Goron Village, Link gives chase hoping to catch the spirit however just as he's about to tackle it a Goron rolls in front of Link preventing him from progressing further. Link hesitantly attempts to push his way past however has no luck, he then notices the spirit behind the Goron, pointing towards the ropes that hung into the Goron Village.

Ascending them, Link finds himself atop one of the lesser peaks of Death Mountain and notices a clearing in the distance. Going over to this clearing, Link sees Dargonargo meditating, he hears Link and requests that Link join him in meditation. He talks about how he knows that Link seeks the Triforce Shard buried within Death Mountain and explains how his Grandfather was given the Shard by the last hero to protect, Dargonargo explains about how evil had seeped into the Fire Temple though and a horrendous monster now guards it as though it were a diamond.

He tells Link that Death Mountain will be his test and if Link can scale the mountain he will have permission to enter the Fire Temple. After progressing through the dense smoke clouds and into he crater Link finds the entrance to the Fire Temple and Dargonargo waiting for him. Dargonargo lifts the temple door up to allow Link passage in.

Upon entering Link notices it is eerily dark and cold in the Temple, navigating his way around, Link activates several Levers that change the height of some giant cauldrons, allowing Link to obtain the Inferno Rod. Exiting back into the main temple Link notices a Switch on the ceiling, hitting it with the Bow reveals the underground section of the Temple, partially flooded with Lava. While traversing this section Link comes across several other items as well as a giant fan and lever socket. Using the Blazing Hammer, Link obtained in he temple he is able to use it like a lever to activate the fan, cooling he lava in the direct path of the fan. Crossing this Link reaches the Boss Room.

Inside, Link once again notices the strangely absent Triforce Shard, he also notices a giant Dragon Skeleton. However just as Link draws his sword in caution, a Shadowy Link appears before him, stating that it will torment Link to his grave, it then holds up the Triforce Shard and presses it into the dragon skull, bringing the monster to life.

As Link fights the Dragon he must strategically use he Blazing Hammer to break the armour on the Dragon's back and burn the skin to prevent the armour regenerating. After this, the monster will start diving into the ground and popping up to attack, at this time Link must use the Blazing Hammer to Break the creatures head armour. Eventually Link breaks through causing the creature to explode from head to tail.

As Link returns to Dargonargo, the Goron celebrates his return and success in finding the Triforce, explaining that he is relieved that Link is restoring the Triforce piece to it's former glory.


Across the vast Hyrule in this game there are many locations, while the overall appearance of Hyrule is not that different to the one that appeared in Ocarina of Time with regards to where areas like Gerudo Valley and Death Mountain are, the sheer size of the map has made there be many more locations in all the areas.

Hyrule Field

  • Talon's Farm
  • Dimanji Village
  • Dimanji Outpost
  • The Fallen Cave
  • Secret Grove
  • Secret Grove Moblin Camp
  • Serpent's Forest
  • Lonely Tree Island
  • The Lonely Tree
  • Entrance to Lost Woods
  • Base of Death Mountain
  • Hyrule Northern River
  • Hyrule Eastern River
  • Greengill Village
  • Greengill Riverside Outpost
  • Greengill Hills Outpost
  • Hyrule Southern River
  • The Kakariko Gate
  • The Desert Gate
  • Galaron Village
  • Galaron Outpost
  • Zora Cove
  • The Lake Gate
  • Hyrule Castle Gate

Lost Woods

  • Lost Woods Maze
  • Poe House
  • Deku Village
  • Deku Tower
  • The Great Deku Tree
  • Deep Lost Woods
  • Deku Temple
  • Skull Kid Grove
  • Hidden Moblin Camp
  • Ent Maze
  • Ent Moblin Camp
  • Moblin Base Camp
  • Kokori Village
  • Kokori Outskirts
  • Kokori Palace
  • Forest Temple

Death Mountain

  • Metandor Village
  • Metandor Outpost
  • Death Mountain Cliffs
  • Goron Outpost
  • Death Mountain Caverns
  • Caverns Moblin Camp
  • Great Ruby Geode
  • Goron Village
  • Northern Goron Outpost
  • Southern Goron Outpost
  • Western Goron Oupost
  • Eastern Goron Outpost
  • Goron Temple
  • Death Mountain Smoke Trail
  • Death Mountain Peak
  • Death Mountain Crater
  • Fire Temple

Zora Cove

  • Zora River
  • Mr. Rupee House
  • Froggy Mangroves
  • Croaker's Hut
  • Mangrove Moblin Camp
  • Zora Pond
  • Peace Tree
  • Zora Domain Entrance

Zora's Domain

  • Zora Outpost
  • Zora Village
  • Sunken Path
  • Zora Outskirts
  • Icy Marketplace
  • Zora City Center
  • Zora Palace
  • Lord Jabu Jabu's Lake
  • Lord Jabu Jabu's Monument
  • Zora Temple

Kakariko City

  • Kakariko Outpost
  • Kakariko Outskirts
  • Shadelight Marketplace
  • Dusk Game Corner
  • Dawn Temple
  • The Lake Gate
  • Kakariko Monument
  • Temple of Time
  • Shiekah Temple
  • Kakariko Bay
  • Port Kakariko
  • Kakariko Sea
  • Kakiri Village
  • Kakiri Outpost
  • Port Kakiri
  • Shadow Temple

Lake Hylia

  • Fisherman's Home
  • Lake Hylia Dam
  • Lake Hylia Moblin Camp
  • Haunted Shack
  • Sun's Monument
  • Moon's Monument
  • Binding Tree
  • Water Temple
  • Zora Passage
  • The Kakariko Gate

Gerudo Valley

  • Gerudo Monument
  • Gerudo Outpost
  • The Bridge of Connection
  • The Desert Outpost
  • Haunted Desert
  • Garada Village
  • Garada Outpost
  • Garada Market
  • Lost Desert
  • Gerudo Walls
  • Gerudo Fortress
  • Gerudo Inner City
  • Gerudo Palace
  • Desert Dungeons
  • Gerudo Temple
  • The Shining Desert
  • The Gerudo Colossus
  • Revival Spring
  • Desert Temple

Castle Town

  • Town Outskirts
  • Castle Walls
  • Entrance Gate
  • Southern Outpost
  • The Marketplace
  • The Fountain of Courage
  • The Fountain of Knowledge
  • The Fountain of Power
  • Talon's Restraunt
  • Kakariko Quarter
  • Eastern Outpost
  • Gerudo Quarter
  • Western Outpost
  • Hyrule Gardens
  • Hyrule Castle
  • Hyrule Tower
  • Ganon's Castle (Only appears at end of game)

In the game there are thirteen main dungeons, these are all the temples (Forest, Fire, Water, Shadow, Desert, Time, Deku, Goron, Zora, Shiekah & Gerudo) as well as the Fallen Cave & Ganon's Castle. All of these are mandatory dungeons although there are other minor dungeons that are dotted across Hyrule that contain a mini boss and an item of some kind.


Link has a vast array of weapons to his disposal in this game, varying from puzzle solving items to combat items, Link must become proficient in the use of the various weapons. There are 69 different weapons in the game with 10 of them being equipped directly to the player (the tunics, shields and the pegasus boots) as well as a sub-menu for the Arrows. Out of all these items there are 31 Item slots assigned in total as some weapons are upgradeable. With the addition of the bottle space there are a total of 36 slots in the item menu as there are 7 bottles found across Hyrule. Below is a table of all the weapons found in the Legend of Zelda: Triforce and their location (items marked with a marketplace are bought there although certain requirements must first be met before the item becomes available).


Location Found


The Fallen Cave

Big Bombs

Garada Marketplace

Remote Bombs

Castle Town Marketplace


Forest Temple

Remote Bombchus

Castle Town Marketplace


The Fallen Cave

Spark Boomerang

Gerudo Temple


Desert Temple


Deku Temple


Forest Temple


Water Temple

Dual Clawshot

Ganon’s Castle


Shiekah Temple

Fire Arrows

Goron Temple

Ice Arrows

Zora Temple

Bolt Arrows

Gerudo Temple

Light Arrows

Ganon’s Castle

Inferno Rod

Fire Temple

Frozen Rod

Water Temple

Sand Rod

Desert Temple

Cyclonic Rod

Forest Temple

Dominion Rod

Shadelight Marketplace

Lens of Truth

Temple of Time

Lens of Reality

Shadow Temple


Deku Temple

Wooden Shield

The Fallen Cave

Iron Shield

Deku Temple

Steel Shield

Goron Temple

Golden Shield

Gerudo Temple

Mirror Shield

Temple of Time

Hero’s Shield

Shadow Temple


Zora Temple

Great Lamp

Temple of Time

Book of Magic

Zora Temple

Book of the Hero

Forest Temple

Book of the Triforce

Ganon’s Castle

Fireproof Tunic

Goron Temple

Aquatic Tunic

Zora Temple

Insulation Tunic

Gerudo Temple

Pegasus Boots

Forest Temple

Pegasus Wing

Fire Temple

Pegasus Cape

Ganon’s Castle

Giant Hammer

Goron Temple

Blazing Hammer

Fire Temple

Zora Flippers

Zora Temple

Zora Scale

Zora Temple

Zora Royal Scale

Water Temple

Power Glove

Fire Temple

Titan’s Mitt

Desert Temple

Colossus’ Gauntlet

Ganon’s Castle

Bombos Medallion

Fire Temple

Ether Medallion

Water Temple

Cane of Somaria

Shiekah Temple

Enhanced Cane of Somaria

Shadelight Marketplace

Din’s Fire

Shiekah Temple

Nayru’s Love

Temple of Time

Farore’s Wind

Forest Temple

Iron Boots

Temple of Time

Platinum Boots

Ganon’s Castle


Deku Temple

Mountain Ring

Shadow Temple

Ascender’s Ring

Garada Marketplace

Sniper Shooter

Shiekah Temple

Multi-Lock Shooter

Shadow Temple


Shiekah Temple

Dragon’s Tail Whip

Desert Temple

Glider Hook

Water Temple

Ring Glider Hook

Ganon’s Castle


In the game there are a variety of dungeons in the game excluding the storyline ones. These dungeons include bosses of their own which keep their treasure. The table below shows the Bosses of each of the main Dungeons.



Boss’ Title


The Fallen Cave

Moblin Guard

The Insane Barbarian

Moblin King

Deku Temple


The Infernal Thorn


Goron Temple


The Tormented Beast


Zora Temple


The Cursed Princess

Princess Soralia

Shiekah Temple


The Insectoid Menace


Gerudo Temple

Gerudo Master

The Shaded Assassin


Temple of Time

Iron Knuckle

The Mechanical Guard


Forest Temple


The Chaos Serpent


Fire Temple


The Inferno Dragon


Water Temple


The Ocean Hunter


Shadow Temple

Dead Hand

The Vile Wolf


Desert Temple

Colossal Poe

The Twisted Magic


Ganon’s Castle

Dark Link

The Prince of Darkness


The second table indicates what possible bosses may be fought in the miniature dungeons found across Hyrule.

Region of Hyrule

Mini Dungeon Bosses

Hyrule Field

Moldorm, Mini-Gohma, Peahat Master, Mothula

Lost Woods

Mini-Gohma, Moblin Warlord, Mothula

Death Mountain

Dodongo, Grinexx, Trinexx

Zora Cove

Aquamentus, Phantom Ganon

Zora’s Domain

Aquamentus, Moblin Warlord

Kakariko City

Iron Knuckle, Dead Hand

Lake Hylia

Arrghus, Darkstare

Gerudo Valley

Lanmola, Iron Knuckle, Gomess


In the Legend of Zelda: Triforce there are 158 enemies, many appearing in previous Legend of Zelda Titles, primarily Adventure of Link, Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. There are also several new variations of classic enemies introduced as well as some older enemies having significant changes to them.





Moblin Guard

Big Ghini

Large Poe


Moblin Warlord


Baby Dodongo




Dodongo Youth


Fire Keese

ReDead Knight

Deku Baba

Cursed Soldier

Ice Keese

ReDead Sorcerer

Big Deku Baba

Cursed Knight

Thunder Keese

Dark ReDead

Withered Deku Baba

Cursed Lancer

Dark Keese

Armoured Goriya

Red Bari

Cursed Archer


Fiery Armoured Goriya

Red Biri

Cursed Bomber


Boomerang Goriya

Blue Bari




Golden Bari


Red Octorok

Big Peahat

Golden Biri

Axe Daira

Blue Octorok


Silver Bari


River Octorok

Green Leever

Flying Tile

Red Darknut

Oceanic Octorok

Purple Leever


Blue Darknut




Electro Darknut

Stalfos Knight

Great Lynel


Iron Knuckle

Stalfos Master

Dark Lynel


Golden Knuckle


Blue Tektite

Gerudo Outcast

Diamond Knuckle


Red Tektite

Gerudo Fighter

Onyx Knuckle

Big Armos

Flying Tektite

Gerudo Guard

Ball & Chain Trooper


Water Tektite

Gohma Larvae

Royal Darknut

Storm Beamos



Monarch Darknut

Sentry Beamos

Flame Vire

Shell Blade


Fire Wizzrobe


Shell Blade Baiter

Ace Rebonack

Ice Wizzrobe




Dark Wizzrobe


Torch Slug




Frost Slug


Giant Armos






White Wolfos


Bokoblin Archer

Acheman Diver



Bokoblin Mage

Acheman Archer


Tile Worm

Bokoblin Rider



Like Like



Rupee Like Like

Fokka Knight


Blade Trap

Garo Robe


Big Blade Trap

Garo Ninja


Curse Bubble

Garo Master


<p class="MsoNormal">

Fire Bubble


Green Eyegore

<p class="MsoNormal">

Ice Bubble


Blue Eyegore

<p class="MsoNormal">


Giant Moa

Red Eyegore

<p class="MsoNormal">



Black Eyegore

<p class="MsoNormal">

<p class="MsoNormal">


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  • Several Minibosses & Bosses from this game have previously appeared Zelda Games (excluding Ganon).
    • Aquamentus, Dodongo & Gohma all appeared as bosses/minibosses in the original Legend of Zelda
    • Dark Link, Mothula, Lanmola, Arrghus, Moldorm & Trinexx all appeared as bosses/minibosses in a Link to the Past
    • Mini-Gohma appeared as a miniboss in Link's Awakening
    • Iron Knuckle, Volvagia & Dead Hand all appeared as bosses/minibosses in the Ocarina of Time
    • Gomess appeared as a miniboss in Majora's Mask
    • Grinexx & Darkstare both appeared as bosses in Link between Worlds

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