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Legend of Zelda: Spirit Stone is a 3D RPG for the FlexiCon and Wii U, released in 2020 by TremorLabs. It is part of the Legend of Zelda series and the Legend of Zelda: Sacred Stones Trilogy subseries.


Link is a young boy living in a small village. An important visitor is arriving from the village of Septimar to inspect the farmland. After helping prepare the farm, the visitor arrives and explains that Septimar's greatest warrior has died, and they are actually looking for a new one. Yron, the blacksmith, explains they have no warriors. The visitor says he will take them by force, and creates a magic arena containing monsters. The villagers cower in fear, but Link is brave enough to take down the monsters. Impressed, the visitor's bodyguards capture Link and take him to their village, to train him as a warrior.

At his new home, Link recieves a letter, telling him to come into the catacombs below the village, to discover the source of the village's dark magic, which was used to create the arena. Link sneaks out and breaks into the catacombs, discovering a strange artefact resembling a Triforce. He meets a girl called Lily, who explains the artefact once used the magic of three Sacred Stones to grant the user magical powers. However, the stones disappeared.

The next day, Link is given his first task as Warrior: To find the Spirit Stone. As he leaves on his new horse Epona, Lily sneaks out and accompanies him.

The two of them travel until they reach a village, where Lily's father lives. Lily's father complains that Lily keeps sneaking off and staying at dangerous places, like Septimar. Lily finds an item called a Warp Stone, which allows the user to travel to and from other Warp Stones. Lily gives one to Link and keeps one, so she can talk to him whenever he needs help.

Link is attacked at the village by Lord Gammere, a troll-like monster. Gammere explains that he was once the Warrior of Septimar, but escaped because they were cruel to him. Since then, he has vowed revenge on Septimar, and doesn't want any of their warriors becoming as powerful as him. He reveals that he killed the previous Warrior of Septimar.

Link encounters Gammere twice more during his adventure. Finally, he uncovers the Spirit Stone. While the other stones have powers alone, the Spirit Stone has no power unless it is placed in the Triforce Artefact with the others. Gammere steals it, and the two battle on the side of a volcano.

Eventually Gammere is killed by Link. He is Warped back home by a Warp Stone that Septimar controlled. The citizens reveal that the Spirit Stone link collected was a fake, and they already had the real one. Septimar was trying to test Link's courage and skill to see if he was a worthy Warrior. Link escapes Septimar and returns home. Princess Zelda, who he met once on his journey, comes to investigate and learns about the kidnapping of Link. She imprisons all the citizens of Septimar who were responsible, and takes the real Spirit Stone. She then tells Link he no longer has to serve them, however, the other two stones are still out there. Link leaves his village by choice and becomes a Warrior of Hyrule. He is told to find the Phantom Stone, but it will be a perilous journey...


The gameplay is similar to most modern Zelda games, such as Skyward Sword. Sword movements are controlled by moving the joystick up and down.

The game is much more focused on open world than its predecessors, as Link often has to travel across long distances between areas.


The game recieved positive reviews from critics. Critics commented on the new open-world concept and the new graphics, as well as the unique storyline and characters.

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